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episode 128: Coprolite Inclusions Pt2

We continue to rummage through Triassic dino poop for beetles. What can we learn from this association?


 2021-07-31  50m

episode 127: Coprolite Inclusions

We look at the beetles found within Triassic dinosaur dung. What can they tell us?


 2021-07-19  37m

episode 126: Beasts Before Us

Our very own Dr Elsa Panciroli comes on the show to discuss her new book 'Beats Before Us'


 2021-06-16  1h1m

episode 125: Crocodylomorph disparity Pt2

Part 2 of our look at the rates of evolutionary innovation in crocodiles through time with Dr Tom Stubbs


 2021-04-30  52m

episode 124: Crocodylomorph disparity

We look at rates of evolutionary innovation in crocodiles through time with Dr Tom Stubbs


 2021-04-15  35m

episode 123: Soil

Dr Ria Mitchell, University of Sheffield, outlines her work studying some of the world's earliest soils.


 2021-03-16  50m

episode 122: Dietary Ecology of Smilodon fatalis pt2

Part two of our interview with Dr Larisa DeSantis of Vanderbilt University on the 'dietary ecology' of Smilodon.


 2021-03-01  37m

episode 121: Dietary Ecology of Smilodon fatalis Pt1

Dr Larisa DeSantis teaches us the methods used to determine what Smilodon was eating


 2021-02-15  36m

episode 120: Naked Ammonite

When an ammonite loses its shell, what kind of anatomical information can be found lying beneath? Prof. Christian Klug joins.


 2021-02-01  50m

episode 119: The Soom Shale

We consider the unique taphonomy of the Soom Shale biota with Prof. Sarah Gabbott.


 2020-12-18  59m