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episode 95: Plants and Atmosphere

Prof. Jennifer McElwain discusses how fossil plants can be used as proxies to past climates


 2018-10-16  27m

episode 94: Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Dr. Melissa Grey explains why the Joggins Fossil Cliffs (Nova Scotia, Canada) are worthy of their UNESCO World Heritage status


 2018-09-17  39m

episode 93: The History of Palaeontological Outreach

We explore the history of palaeontological outreach with Dr Chris Manias, King's College London


 2018-08-12  42m

The Expedition: Planning

The second episode in a special series around a fieldtrip to Arctic Canada


 2018-07-01  39m

The Expedition: Context

The first episode in a special series around a fieldtrip to Arctic Canada


 2018-07-01  42m

episode 92: Squamate Origins

Dr. Tiago Simões of the University of Alberta joins us in this episode to discuss his new Nature paper on the origin of squamates.


 2018-05-30  49m

episode 91: Dinosaurs of Appalachia

Joining us to paint a picture of the vertebrate faunas of Appalachia during the Mesozoic is Chase Brownstein, research associate at the Stamford Museum and Nature Centre.


 2018-05-24  45m

episode 90: Ichthyornis

Hot off the press, we discuss a new exceptionally-preserved specimen of Ichthyornis with Dr Daniel Field, University of Bath.


 2018-05-03  28m

episode 89: Teeth and herbivory in reptiles

We explore the teeth of herbivores with Dr Aaron LeBlanc, University of Alberta


 2018-04-17  56m

episode 88: Bacula

Dr Charlotte Brassey, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, joins us to discuss the penis bone.


 2018-04-06  48m