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episode 90: Ichthyornis

Hot off the press, we discuss a new exceptionally-preserved specimen of Ichthyornis with Dr Daniel Field, University of Bath.


 2018-05-03  28m

episode 89: Teeth and herbivory in reptiles

We explore the teeth of herbivores with Dr Aaron LeBlanc, University of Alberta


 2018-04-17  56m

episode 88: Bacula

Dr Charlotte Brassey, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, joins us to discuss the penis bone.


 2018-04-06  48m

episode 87: Archaeopteryx

Dennis Voeten, Palacký University, joins us to discuss his recent research into Archaeopteryx's bone architecture.


 2018-03-17  41m

episode 86: Coal

Stanford University's Prof. Kevin Boyce explains everything you need to know about coal.


 2018-02-01  46m

episode 85: Ichthyosaurs

We talk to Dr Ben Moon & Fiann Smithwick who have recently been involved in producing a documentary for the BBC entitled 'Attenborough and the Sea Dragon'


 2018-01-07  1h9m

episode 84: Neoproterozoic Acritarchs

Dr Leigh Anne Riedman joins us to explore life and extinction during the Neoproterozoic Era.


 2018-01-06  44m

episode 83: Gogo Fishes

Prof. John Long tells us about the fossil fishes of the Gogo Formation, Australia


 2017-12-01  23m

episode 82: Dinosaurs of China

We're given a guided tour of the Dinosaurs of China exhibition


 2017-10-17  1h9m

episode 81: Coccolithophores

Dr Liam Gallagher introduces us to coccolithophores and discusses how they have been employed in the oil industry, arts and even forensics


 2017-10-01  49m