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*One of Apple Podcasts Best Podcasts of 2021*"Compelling and thoughtful listening" - the New York TimesHosted by Kentuckians Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, Pantsuit Politics is an independent podcast that takes a different approach to the news. Sarah and Beth are citizens who prioritize curiosity over the conflict that often drives political conversations. Pay attention without the anxiety. New episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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5 Things You Need to Know About House Committees

We break down the history and purpose of House Committees.


 2019-01-18  25m

Covington Catholic, the Shutdown, and House Committees

We discuss the CovCath controversy, the ongoing shutdown, and what to expect from the newly formed House Committees.


 2019-01-22  52m

Millennial Burnout, Politics, and Evangelicals with Anne Helen Petersen

We share our conversation with Buzzfeed senior culture writer Anne Helen Petersen.


 2019-01-25  47m

Roger Stone, Shutdown Reprieve, and Abortion Law

We cover a few current events before breaking down new abortion legislation in the U.S.


 2019-01-29  1h4m

Abortion, Trade, and California Politics (with Jessica Morse)

We talk more about abortion and share our follow-up conversation with Jessica Morse


 2019-02-01  48m

Ralph Northam and the State of the Union

We discuss Governor Northam and the State of the Union.


 2019-02-05  48m

Mitch McConnell, SOTU, and How to Be a White Ally (with Dr. David Campt)

We talk with David Campt about having productive conversations around race in America.


 2019-02-08  53m

Jeff Bezos, Justin Fairfax, and All the Democratic Women

We discuss the shutdown, the Jeff Bezos scandal, the Virginia mess, and the field of Democratic women running for the highest office.


 2019-02-12  1h2m

5 Things You Need to Know About the Green New Deal

We talk TVA, Paul Manafort, and what you need to know about the proposed Green New Deal.


 2019-02-15  22m

National Emergencies, LGBTQ Rights, and the Green New Deal

We discuss enfolding national events and our disagreements about the proposed Green New Deal.


 2019-02-19  1h0m