Pantsuit Politics

*One of Apple Podcasts Best Podcasts of 2021*"Compelling and thoughtful listening" - the New York TimesHosted by Kentuckians Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, Pantsuit Politics is an independent podcast that takes a different approach to the news. Sarah and Beth are citizens who prioritize curiosity over the conflict that often drives political conversations. Pay attention without the anxiety. New episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Our Political Resolutions for 2021

We share our political resolutions and then try to apply them to the news.


 2021-01-05  1h10m

An Attempted American Coup

Sarah and Beth react to the siege of the Capitol building and the Congressional certification of the Biden victory.


 2021-01-07  47m

The Aftermath of the Capitol Siege

We discuss what we've learned about the siege on the Capitol and what has and will follow.


 2021-01-12  1h0m

Impeachment... Again

We talk about the second impeachment of President Trump and the national reaction.


 2021-01-15  1h14m

Unity and the American Rescue Plan

We talk about the calls for unity and the American Rescue Plan put forth by the Biden administration.


 2021-01-19  1h1m

Inauguration Day: Commonplace and Miraculous

We talk about the inauguration, the people involved and uninvolved, and what comes next.


 2021-01-22  1h11m

What Do We Do With the Rage?

We talk about the political anger everyone seems to be carrying and then dive into Biden's immigration plan.


 2021-01-26  1h3m

Putting Policy Through the Social Media House of Mirrors

We discuss how social media distorts policy and talk through some specific recent examples.


 2021-01-29  1h0m

GameStop, Economic Democratization, and the Power of Oversight

We discuss the stock market, the GameStop drama, democratization and oversight, and what bipartisan unity really means through all this.


 2021-02-02  1h5m

Foreign Policy and International News

We discuss Joe Biden's foreign policy and top stories from around the world.


 2021-02-05  58m