Pantsuit Politics

*One of Apple Podcasts Best Podcasts of 2021*"Compelling and thoughtful listening" - the New York TimesHosted by Kentuckians Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, Pantsuit Politics is an independent podcast that takes a different approach to the news. Sarah and Beth are citizens who prioritize curiosity over the conflict that often drives political conversations. Pay attention without the anxiety. New episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Deplatforming and Defamation: Free Speech on Social Media

We discuss the deplatforming of Donald Trump and the defamation lawsuits in response to claims of election fraud.


 2021-02-09  1h9m

The Senate Trial of Donald J. Trump

We cover the Senate impeachment trial and discuss what it's impacts may be, whether there is a conviction or not.


 2021-02-12  56m

Acquittal and Aftermath (with Olivia Beavers)

We discuss the acquittal of former President Trump and share our conversation with Olivia Beavers about the new Congressional class.


 2021-02-16  56m

The Texan Emergency and Child Tax Credits

We discuss what's happening in Texas and break down the child tax credit proposals.


 2021-02-19  58m

Military Culture, Extremism, and Politics (with Amy McGrath)

We talk to Amy McGrath about military culture and its intersection with politics.


 2021-02-23  52m

Infrastructure and Earmarks

We discuss infrastructure needs and what the fuss is in Congress about earmarks.


 2021-02-26  47m

Civic Education and Democratic Representation (with Sharon McMahon)

We talk to Sharon McMahon about lifelong civic education and how our democratic representation is working.


 2021-03-02  1h8m

The Equality Act and Immigration Policy

We discuss the Equality Act and Biden's immigration policies.


 2021-03-05  1h0m

"Everything is really about story"

We discuss how power dynamics impact politics, work environments, and family.


 2021-03-09  1h16m

“We don’t vote just to win elections."

We cover various state and federal voting laws currently being proposed.


 2021-03-12  1h6m