Paradox: The Time Travel Podcast

Authors Nick Hurwitch and Phil Hornshaw dive through the wormhole of your favorite time travel movies, TV shows and stories to attempt to make sense of timelines, time machines and paradoxes.


Episode 4: Terminator, Terminator 2, Terminator 3

Unfortunately, the longer "Terminator" goes on, the more ridiculous it becomes.


 2015-08-07  1h18m

Episode 3: Back to the Future Part III

Rounding out our stint on "Back to the Future" and thinking about what a "BttF: Part IV" would look like ("Revenge of the Martys," probably).


 2015-07-15  1h22m

Episode 2: Back to the Future Part II

After the startling revelation that Doc Brown is near-supervillain proportions, we break down the rest of "Back to the Future: Part II."


 2015-07-08  1h15m

Episode 1: Back to the Future

In the first ever Paradox podcast, Nick and Phil tackle the smoking hot mother of all time travel movies: Back To The Future.


 2015-06-30  1h5m