This fictional podcast follows David, a chronic sufferer of sleep paralysis on his annual camping trip with friends. But something evil from his dreams awaits.

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Chapter 5: Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2/3

After a rough night of drinking and death, Jenn and David try to calm Katie. They attempt to hotwire the car one more time, in an effort to escape Lake Terra. But of course, things don't work out for the remaining survivors... Don't forget to rate...


 2017-03-15  15m

Chapter 5: Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1/3

After the trouble with the car, the group sticks to the cabin and drinks their problems away. Are they waiting for an inevitable death? It's not long before the group gets a surprise visit. The time has come for hell to break loose. Don't forget to...


 2017-02-23  19m

Rutherford Files: Part 5/6

Roland and Kent make their way to an accident where four dead bodies have disappeared.  @sharkdropper


 2017-01-10  3m

Chapter 4: Those That Survive - Part 3/3

Seth continues in his attempts to hotwire the car, but with each attempt, the creature in the woods plays spoiler. The days are dragging on and the tension is high among the surviving members of the group. Hell is about to break loose. Don't forget...


 2016-10-31  17m

Chapter 4: Those That Survive - Part 2/3

Jenn has returned to the cabin, panicked and bloodied. Things are getting worse: Ethan is gone, the creature is still out there, and now the group must decide on a new plan of escape. There are four left. Our David's dreams coming true? Do they all...


 2016-10-01  23m

Chapter 4: Those That Survive - Part 1/3

David sees the creature from the woods, the creature from his nightmares. This is worse than the Shadow Man. David wants to go after Jenn and Ethan, to help, but Katie and Seth confront David, wanting to know exactly what's going on. Why is this trip...


 2016-09-11  16m

Rutherford Files: Part 4/6

Roland continues her investigation. This time she talks to Rich Founder, the Medical Examiner. Follow us @sharkdropper


 2016-08-03  3m

Chapter 3: The Storm - Part 4/4

David and company prepare for the worst as the creature from outside tries to enter the house. Say your goodbye's before it's too late, because things are about to get worse. The creature is not about to wait around any longer. Don't forget to rate...


 2016-06-07  20m

Chapter 3: The Storm - Part 3/4

After a long discussion and a lot of apprehension, the group musters up the courage to attempt an escape from the cabin. All the while, trying to avoid the creature outside.... no avail. Please rate on iTunes if you enjoy this content


 2016-02-18  16m

Chapter 3: The Storm - Part 2/4

It has been only hours since the attack on the group in the woods that resulted in the death of Cooper. What started out as a search for Ashley has resulted in just David and Ethan hunkering down in the cabin waiting for survivors, if there are any...


 2016-01-28  14m