This fictional podcast follows David, a chronic sufferer of sleep paralysis on his annual camping trip with friends. But something evil from his dreams awaits.

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Chapter 3: The Storm - Part 1/4

David and company continue to look for Ashley who has unsuspectingly gone missing in the woods. While the storm continues to rage down around them, they hear something stalking them. Finally, what has been watching them from afar this entire time...


 2015-10-07  18m

Rutherford Files: Part 3/6

The third found tape of the Rutherford Files. Follow Roland as she tries to figure out what's really going on in Rutherford. Follow us @sharkdropper Please rate us on iTunes if you enjoy this content


 2015-09-29  4m

Chapter 2: The Calm - Part 4/4

The group is frantic trying to figure out where Ashley has gone, and attempt to go out to find her, to no avail. After an entire afternoon of failure, David has another bout with sleep paralysis that leads him to a shocking discovery about the...


 2015-08-18  28m

Chapter 2: The Calm - Part 3/4

Who they hear emerging from the woods reveals themselves and confronts Jenn and David. Something happens to Ashley that acts as the first domino before all hell breaks loose. What has been waiting for them all along is preparing to finally hunt them...


 2015-08-11  21m

Chapter 2: The Calm - Part 2/4

This episode follows the group after they awake from their late evening. Since David is no longer feeling the anxiety of his sleepless nights, he decides to join the group down by the lake. The sleepless nights will be coming back though, but this...


 2015-08-04  18m

Chapter 2: The Calm - Part 1/4

David and the rest of the group finally arrive at the cabin, but are they alone? Perhaps what waits for them resides in the dark, haunted mind of David himself, and they were really never alone to begin with.  Join us for Chapter 2 of this terrifying...


 2015-07-28  25m

Rutherford Files: Part 2/6

**DISCLAIMER** Paralyzed is not appropriate for children under 13. There are intense pyschological and horrifying concepts with extremely gruesome themes. We highly recommend listening in the dark with a pair of headphones in.


 2015-07-21  7m

Chapter 1: Restless Nights - Part 3/3

It's Friday, and David sets to leave for the cabin with the group. During the trek North, some old feelings start to arise as he is forced to sit with Jenn the entire way up, which he chooses to internalize. On the way up though, something very...


 2015-06-23  22m

Chapter 1: Restless Nights - Part 2/3

David meets with the rest of the camping trip goers to finalize the plans for the weekend. The atmosphere is very awkward though as this is the first time he has been in the same room with his ex, Jenn, since they split. The group continues to...


 2015-06-16  21m

Chapter 1: Restless Nights - Part 1/3

Sleepless nights are catching up with recently unemployed David Summers, and the effects are beginning to become horrific. The inaugural episode of Paralyzed explores what the phenomenon know as Sleep Paralysis could have on the human psyche, and...


 2015-06-09  27m