America's Top Paranormal Podcaster interviews the best known names in the paranormal about UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, and everything paranormal! Guests have included Josh Gates, Chip Coffey, George Noory and the biggest names in paranormal studies. This feed reflects the last 90 days of content, The Paranormal Podcast has been in production since 2005 with over 550 episodes. Hosted by Jim Harold.

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episode 663: A Short History of Nearly Everything Paranormal

What is behind the paranormal? We talk with author and researcher Terje Simonsen about possible answers and a history of supernatural phenomena. In part two, Nigel Watson talks to us about alien abduction. You can find Terje and Nigel's books at...



episode 662: Spontaneous Healing - Smile of the Universe

Dr. Jeffrey Rediger has an Ivy League background, practices traditional Western medicine but he shares his research on inexplicable cases of spontaneous healing. In part two, Dr. Michael Grosso continues the theme of miracles in the age of disbelief....



episode 661: Witchcraft - Mothman - Jones - Breedlove

Witchcraft and Mothman are our two subjects this week. Marie D. Jones joins us to talk about her new book. The New Witch. Seth Breedlove joins us to talk about his new film, The Mothman Legacy. You can find Marie's books at You can find...



episode 660: Schrader - Holzer - Paulley

Paranormal VIPs galore on this episode. Dave Schrader and Alexandra Holzer talk to us about the new season of their hit TV series The Holzer Files Find the link to a recent Travel Channel article about season two In part two, Jerry Paulley talks to...



episode 659: Halloween Extravaganza 2020

We have a four guest Halloween Extravaganza this week.  First up with some great spooky stories are Kat & Jethro from The Box of Oddities. You can find their great podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts and at Next, we talk with "The...


 2020-10-28  1h41m

episode 658: 6 Feet Under Texas - Dowsing The Departed

We talk about Texas graveyards and legends with author Tui Snider in part one of today's show.  You can find her book on the subject at Amazon: In part two, Dan Baldwin joins us to talk about using a pendulum in dowsing the departed! You can...


 2020-10-20  1h15m

episode 657: American Psychic - Dominican Voodoo

Marla Frees talks about her journey from successful actress to full time psychic. In part two, Hector Salva shares his expertise in Dominican voodoo. You can find Marla's book and audiobook at Amazon: You can find Hector's book here: Thanks Marla...


 2020-10-13  1h21m

episode 656: The Martians

Is there life on Mars? Nick Redfern says...maybe! We discuss why he thinks it's possible on this episode of The Paranormal Podcast. Here's a link to his brand new book on the subject: Thanks Nick! -HELLOFRESH- I am a huge fan of HelloFresh,...


 2020-10-06  50m

episode 655: Haunted Historian - Hoodoo Cleansing

Connor Gossel and Blake Kendig from the very popular Haunted Historian Instagram account join us to talk about their favorite haunts. You can find them @haunted.historian on Instagram. In part two, Miss Aida joins us to talk about her new book Click...


 2020-09-30  1h38m

episode 654: Exorcism and Possession - The Shaman's Mind

Exorcism is the topic in part one of this week's show. Is it real or just the stuff of classic horror films? Joseph P. Laycock shares his eye opening research. In part two, Jonathan Hammond joins us to talk about achieving the Shaman's Mind. You can...


 2020-09-23  1h18m