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Occult America – Paranormal Podcast 430

Author Mitch Horowitz joins us to talk about the occult history of America on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast. It was a great conversation. You can find his book on the subject at Occult America: White House Seances, Ouija Circles,


 2016-05-02  37m

Did Stanley Kubrick Fake The Moon Landing – Paranormal Podcast 429

Jay Weidner joins us to discuss his theory that legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick helped NASA fake the Apollo 11 moon landing.


 2016-04-25  43m

Real Visitors with Brad Steiger – Paranormal Podcast 428

The legendary Brad Steiger joins us to talk about all things paranormal including his latest work. You can find Brad’s brand new book at Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond, and Parallel Dimensions Thanks Brad!


 2016-04-18  48m

Hand Reading and Palmistry – Paranormal Podcast 427

Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen join us to discuss the art and science of palm reading. You can find their book on this fascinating subject: The Art and Science of Hand Reading Thanks Ellen and Dorian! –CAMPFIRE CONFAB– Jim is planning his first live ...


 2016-04-12  46m

Possession and Depossession – Paranormal Podcast 426

Diana L. Paxson has a viewpoint different than we’d expect on the topic of possession. We discuss it on this week’s Paranormal Podcast. You can find her book on the subject at The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession,


 2016-04-05  53m

HP Lovecraft and The Occult – Paranormal Podcast 425

John L. Steadman joined us to talk about HP Lovecraft and his ties to the Occult. You can find his book on the subject at H. P. Lovecraft and the Black Magickal Tradition: The Master of Horror’s Influence on Modern Occultism Thanks John!


 2016-03-28  34m

Haunted Hospitals – The Paranormal Podcast 424

Haunted Hospitals are the subject of our interview with Richard Estep. Richard shares his cornucopia of creepy stories on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast.


 2016-03-24  34m

The Exorcist Diary – The Paranormal Podcast 423

The Exorcist was a classic horror film but it is the result of a real possession. Christopher Saint Booth has compiled The Exorcist Diary which details the real story on which the film was based. Christopher shares many little known facts between the t...


 2016-03-15  36m

Paranormal Lockdown – Paranormal Podcast 422

Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman join us to talk about their new Destination America TV series, Paranormal Lockdown. SUBSCRIBE TO JIM's PODCASTS FOR FREE!


 2016-03-08  33m

The Phoenix Incident – The Paranormal Podcast 421

A new motion picture/live event is putting the spotlight back on the 1990's greatest UFO sighting. Writer-Director Keith Arem joins us to discuss his new project The Phoenix Incident.


 2016-03-01  39m