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The Mist Of The Gods – Paranormal Podcast 444

Barry Fitzgerald chills us with tales of The Mist Of The Gods…are evil beings lurking among us? You can find Barry’s book on the subject at The Mist Of The Gods In part two, Candace (C.L.) Talmadge talks about communicating with those on th...


 2016-08-17  1h16m

Life Between Heaven and Earth and Haunted Washington DC – Paranormal Podcast 443

Psychic George Anderson joins us to talk about talking with the other side. You can find his new book at Life Between Heaven and Earth: What You Didn’t Know About the World Hereafter and How It Can Help You In part two of the show,


 2016-08-09  1h38m

The Women In Black – Paranormal Podcast 442

You’ve heard of Men In Black but have you heard of their female counterparts? Nick Redfern joins us to talk about the mysterious Women In Black. You can find his new book on the subject at Women In Black: The Creepy Companions of the Myster...


 2016-08-02  1h7m

Programming The Nation – Paranormal Podcast 441

Documentarian Jeff Warrick joins to talk about his film, Programming The Nation, and the subject of subliminal messaging in entertainment and advertising. You can find his movie on Amazon Video: Programming The Nation Thanks Jeff!


 2016-07-26  1h15m

The Enfield Poltergeist – Paranormal Podcast 440

Guy Lyon Playfair joins us to talk about the reality of the Enfield Poltergeist and how the role of the Warrens has been exaggerated, in his view. Guy Lyon Playfair’s books at  In part two of this week’s episode, Dr.


 2016-07-19  1h28m

The Mandela Effect with Dave Schrader – Paranormal Podcast 439

Darkness Dave Schrader and Jim Harold talk about the mysterious “Mandela Effect” on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast. Thanks Dave! –Harry’s– Check out our sponsor Harry’s! Harry’s!  For guys like you who want a great shave experience for a fracti...


 2016-07-12  57m

Phantom Self with David Icke – Paranormal Podcast 438

David Icke joins us to talk about what he feels is a worldwide deceiving of humanity and how we can find our real selves. You can find David's book on the subject at Phantom Self Thanks David!


 2016-07-05  44m

The Zozo Phenomenon – Paranormal Podcast 437

This strange phenomenon surrounds the Ouija board. Is it just the result of overactive imaginations or something more sinister? Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Darren Evans weigh in on the subject. You can find their book at Amazon.


 2016-06-28  44m

The Happy Medium – Paranormal Podcast 436

TV psychic medium Kim Russo joins us to talk about her life as a psychic to the stars and what she thinks about the spirit world. You can find Kim’s best-selling at The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side Thanks Kim!


 2016-06-21  41m

The Bye Bye Man – Paranormal Podcast 435

A mysterious entity comes from a Ouija session and it gives some young friends more than they bargain for. We talk to author Robert Schneck about “The Bye Bye Man” and more spooky tales. In part two, we talk to two of the stars of the new TV Series “Th...


 2016-06-16  1h4m