Paranormal Review

We watch different paranormal TV shows every week with a skeptical eye. During each episode, we break down the history that was found during research, questions we have about the investigation and what we love.


episode 22: It Feels Evil: Dead on the Floor

It Feels Evil Review of Season 1 Episode 2 called Dead on the Floor. Aired on 12/21/19. This episode concentrates on the Black Swan Inn near San Antonio, Texas. Jo Ann Riveria has been having problems with a dark entity oppressing the other spirits and causing problems with guests. Tim Wood and his team go to check it out.

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 2020-05-04  1h12m

episode 23: Destination Fear: Sweet Springs Sanitarium

This is a review of Destination Fear, Season 1 Episode 3 Sweet Springs Sanitarium. It aired on 11/09/19. Love this show! Tanner, Chelsea and Dakota are probably the most real investigators on Paranormal TV because I actually believe they hope nothing happens every time. However, this episode rattles Tanner.

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 2020-05-12  53m