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Rob Riggle + Mt Rushmore Of Months

We stayed late to watch Hard Knocks so we could review episode 4 and yeah Todd Haley/Gregg Williams are huge dicks. Cajuste has jerk off crystals and no one really knows what Hue Jackson does (2:21 - 9:52). Odell Beckham's contract + Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:52 - 24:52). Mt Rushmore of Months (24:52 - 35:01)...


 2018-08-29  1h32m

49ers GM John Lynch + Mount Rushmore Of Water

We're back in studio and ready to catch up on all we missed. Stop the Josh Allen/Bortles slander, Bob Wylie is the star of Hard Knocks and we're trailblazers because we got fired from ESPN before it became cool (2:27 - 10:04). Whose back of the week (10:04 - 17:51). Mt Rushmore of Water (17:51 - 31:07)...


 2018-08-27  1h15m

Joe Buck, Artie Lange, and Paul Rudd - An Oral History Of HBO’s Joe Buck Live

This very special episode of Pardon My Take leads us on a deep dive of the inaugural infamous episode of Joe Buck Live from June 15, 2009 that was derailed by Artie Lange, ultimately leading to the show's cancellation. We interview Joe, Artie, and Paul Rudd (who was also a panelist on the show) and get a behind the scenes look at what happened before the show, the incident itself, and the ensuing aftermath. Video of the Joe Buck Live appearance can be found here:    


 2018-08-24  1h0m

JJ Redick + Mount Rushmore Of Animals You Want On Your Team In A Fight

Daniel Murphy is a Cub which is also the name of the GOAT and he also killed the Cubs forever (2:27 - 6:55). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and a breakdown of the VMA's from a guy who understands it and 2 guys that are washed (6:55 - 23:35). Mt Rushmore of animals that we want on our team in a fight to the death (23:35 - 36:02)...


 2018-08-22  1h49m

Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda + Mt Rushmore Of Fictional Bar/Restaurants

The NFL is ruined and we're all going to freak out about it. Josh Allen is a stud and the Blake Bortles slander needs to stop (2:27 - 10:17). Who's back of the week (10:17 - 19:18). Mt Rushmore of fictional bars/restaurants we'd like to go to (19:18 - 28:04)...


 2018-08-19  1h16m

Rams HC Sean McVay + QB Jared Goff and the Mount Rushmore Of Sidekicks

Chris Berman might be back and we judge the new MNF crew based off 10 minutes of Football which is incredibly unfair of us (2:37 - 8:48). Jalen Ramsey roasts Quarterbacks and we do word association with his list (8:48 - 18:17). Mt Rushmore of sidekicks (18:17 - 27:18). Rams HC Sean McVay joins the show to talk about Super Bowl expectations, whether he has the facial hair of a Football guy and the Rams saying "the standard is the standard" (27:18 - 36:10)...


 2018-08-17  1h20m

Ndamukong Suh + Mount Rushmore of Fast Food Items

We're live from our minivan in California and Big Ben's walking boot is back (2:27 - 6:10). Recapping Rams and Niners Camp and our fight with LA traffic (6:10 - 9:16). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:16 - 21:07). Mt Rushmore of fast food items (21:07 - 28:25). Rams D-Lineman Ndamukong Suh joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, why he chose the Rams, why he hates quarterbacks, and his controversial penalties (28:25 - 49:15)...


 2018-08-15  1h7m

49ers HC Kyle Shanahan + Mt Rushmore Of Travel Complaints With Peter King

We are live from San Francisco for the 2018 PMT Training Camp Tour and Tiger is officially back (2:27 - 4:50). The Tiger effect is real as he captivated everyone on Sunday and oh yeah Brooks Koepka is really fucking good (4:50 - 13:29). We went to 49ers Training Camp and pretended to be real journalists for a minute then got intimidated by a bunch of California teenagers. Whos back of the week (13:29 - 22:35). Peter King joins the show for Mt Rushmore of travel complaints (22:35 - 39:51)...


 2018-08-13  1h26m

Ryen Russillo + Mount Rushmore Of Guys You See At The Gym

Football is back (yes we keep saying this). We watched all the preseason games and we're hyped beyond belief (3:30 - 7:05). Hard Knocks episode 1 review (7:05 - 16:04). Our good friend Ryen Russillo joins us in studio for over an hour of talk about the media world, SVP's fake birthday, whether the clutch gene is real, work life balance and the Mt Rushmore of guys you see at the gym (16:04 - 78:38)...


 2018-08-10  1h34m

Rob Corddry, 10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas + Mt Rushmore Of Cartoon Shows

Rovell has broken the internet and we're sweating out the dog days of summer (2:58-8:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne with Urban Meyer and Heterosexual frog talk (8:16-17:21). Mt Rushmore of Cartoon shows with a late breaking moos about Rick Pitino's upcoming podcast (17:22-30:10). Actor Rob Corddry joins the show to talk about Ballers Season 4, the Daily Show, and being an Eagle Scout (31:53-56:19)...


 2018-08-08  1h31m