The Hideout Sessions

Ross Wakefield brings you a monthly podcast celebrating some of the absolute best in new music. From Hip Hop to House to Disco to Folk to Minimal Electronica, there's bound to be something you'll fall in love with...promise. Support the music and spread the word. x

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episode 164: Hideout Sessions Ep.164's been a minute! Sorry chaps. I've been right under the cosh, with trying to finish my own music, suddenly deciding to sell my house, all of the usual Dad duties etc, etc. However it's wonderful to be back, so enjoy the slightly tweaked form


 2020-07-20  2h4m

episode 163: Hideout Sessions Ep.163

Me again! Sending you all endless positivity and love in these truly testing times. I hope this episode provides you with some welcome distraction from all of the negativity, that we're all feeling at the moment. Thanks for downloading the show, I h


 2020-03-25  1h58m

episode 162: Hideout Sessions Ep.162

Hi you lot! Sorry for the delay in bringing this episode to you, I've been chasing my tail for the most part this year, due to constant grappling with builder noise from next door. Going a little insane! Anyway, here's the show. Loads of goodness fo


 2020-03-05  1h59m

episode 161: Hideout Sessions Ep.161

Hello you wonderful lot! Happy flipping Xmas to you and yours. Sending you all the love in the world for the festive season. I hope you have a perfect one and I look forward to seeing you in the next decade. Thanks for downloading the show, I hope


 2019-12-19  1h59m

episode 160: Hideout Sessions Ep.160

Alreeeeeeet you lot!? Hope everything is cosy as heck and shiver free? Here's the latest offering from the Hideout Sessions show. Utterly gorgeous, independent, genre transcending, new music for you to enjoy over the coming weeks. Thanks for down


 2019-11-22  2h2m

episode 159: Hideout Sessions Ep.159

Apologies for running a little late folks...been struggling to adjust to the season change! I hope you're all wonderfully well? Settle in for an absolute wealth of mind-blowing new music for the next two and a quarter hours! Thanks for downloading


 2019-10-10  2h16m

episode 158: Hideout Sessions Ep.158

Just as August Bank holiday weekend lands in your laps, then so does another new music stuffed episode of the Hideout Sessions podcast. It's wall to wall barn stormers as always and I'm shimmering with excitement to play it all for you. Thanks for down


 2019-08-22  2h1m

episode 157: Hideout Sessions Ep.157

And, in the blink of an eye, we're back again with a brand new, slightly sweaty (in a good way), new show. Packed with everything you need to keep your summer well and truly on the good foot. Don't forget to spread the word and come and find me on IG:


 2019-07-31  2h4m

episode 156: Hideout Sessions Ep.156

Yo! 156th Ep, all done and dusted for you folks. Here it is, in all it's brand new shinning glory. Certainly the perfect remedy to help clear the last of those Glastonbury blues, ensuring you don't learn from your mistakes and accidentally exercise res


 2019-07-04  2h9m

episode 155: Hideout Sessions Ep.155

Aaaaaaaaaand...made it....just. Here's your official May ep you brilliant gang! Probs my favourite show of the year so far, I reckon. There's so much inspiring new music out there at the moment. Goodness me. Love. It. Anyway, I insist on you, insisting


 2019-05-30  2h4m