Passion of the Geeks

In Passion of the Geeks Pat & Greg, two friends and fellow geeks, take you on a journey through popular and geek culture, and explore the whys and hows of the things they love. Sometime silly, oftentimes weird, rarely insightful but always with passion.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 49m. Bisher sind 68 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 2 days 5 minutes


episode 68: Tick, Tick…Boom! (unplugged)

In this weeks “Passion of the Geeks – Unplugged”, Greg tells you to watch “Tick, Tick..Boom!”. That’s it.    Links & Sources Tick, Tick…Boom! Trailer



episode 67: The Future of D&D

In episode 67 of “Passion of the Geeks”, Pat is clueless about ASMR and shares his love for Star Trek Prodigy, while Greg explains how much he enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy game and why he’s excited about X-Men 97.



episode 66: Getting into Retro-Gaming: C64 Games Follow-Up (unplugged)

In this week’s “Passion of the Geeks – Unplugged”, Pat proves that the C64-scene is very alive by showing you five great recently released new games for the old bread-box … or maybe six.   Links & Sources Briley Witch Chronicles on itch.



episode 65: The Horror, The Horror

In this very scary and Halloween appropriate episode of "Passion of the Geeks", Pat & Greg rejoice that Dune and Masters of the Universe Revelation get a part 2 before they talk about their favorite scary monsters and discuss what good horror is to them.



episode 64: Greg Goes Criterion

This week Greg goes full Criterion. He talks about why he loves the Criterion Collection and shares some of his favourites form their catalogue.  Links & Sources Criterion Homepage Please like, share and subscribe to “Passion of the Geek”s.


 2021-10-24  15m

episode 63: Episode 63 - Annoying Video Game Mechanics

In this weeks “Passion of the Geeks”, Pat & Greg are excited about the Babylon 5 Reboot, a new Kirby game and suggest you check out Metroid Dread, Squid game and Alice in Borderland. For their main topic they discuss annoying video game mechanics.


 2021-10-17  1h21m

episode 62: Episode 62 – Games Follow-Up: Dune (unplugged)

In this week’s “Passion of the Geeks – Unplugged”, Pat picks up the momentum from episode 60 and talks again about Dune. But this time, he covers games based on Frank Herbert’s masterpiece.   Links & Sources OpenRA Website


 2021-10-10  12m

episode 61: Streaming Roundup #3 - Some More Shows (unplugged)

This week on “Passion of the Geeks – Unplugged”, Greg recommends some more shows for you to check out and enjoy. 


 2021-10-03  11m

episode 60: Dune

In episode 60 of “Passion of the Geeks”, Pat & Greg talk about all things Dune. The reminisce about the various versions of Frank Herbert’s epic they’ve come into contact with and review the new 2021 movie version directed by Denis Villeneuve.


 2021-09-26  1h5m

episode 59: Tales From the IT-Trenches: The Millennium Bug (unplugged)

In this week's "Passion of the Geeks - Unplugged", Pat remembers something that was a huge part of his early IT career: The Millennium Bug.


 2021-09-19  11m