Pastor Mark Reynolds' Podcast

Sermons and teachings from Rev. Mark Reynolds, a Pastor in the United Methodist Church (Florida Conference). These transformative messages will speak directly into your life!

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God Goes First: Vulnerability, Intimacy, Salvation

Close friendships that allow for "heart sharing" can be life changing, but sharing our deepest de...


 2016-12-13  39m

The Wonder of a Star: Seeing Divine Signs All Around You

The gift of wonder helps us see through the ordinary to the extraordinary. Just as the star over ...


 2016-11-29  30m

Unity in Core Values: How We Treat Each Other Matters

During a contentious election season, it's easy for Christians to get sucked into the madness and...


 2016-11-15  32m

Unity: Mission-Focused and Vision-Driven

The church is composed of a diverse group of people. These differences are not liabilities to be ...


 2016-10-31  35m

Escaping the Institution: Visions of a Real New Testament Church

Does the church ever drive you crazy? In this message, Pastor Mark encourages us to move away fro...


 2016-10-17  49m

Forgiveness in Hopes of Reconciliation

When you're experiencing conflict with someone, how do you get lasting solutions and move forward...


 2016-10-04  30m

Gently Restoring a Friend: Conflict Resolution

How do you help someone see a blind-spot in conflict? The Bible says that we have a responsibilit...


 2016-09-26  36m

How to Avoid a Sorry Apology

Has anyone ever said to you, "I'm sorry," only to do or say something else that communicates, " ....


 2016-09-13  31m

Get Real! Self-Awareness in Conflict Resolution

In this message, Pastor Mark explains the second step of Christian conflict resolution. After goi...


 2016-09-06  27m

Go to Higher Ground: Inviting God into Your Conflict

In this message, Pastor Mark explains how conflict provides unique temptations to forget who we a...


 2016-08-29  26m