Pastor Mark Reynolds' Podcast

Sermons and teachings from Rev. Mark Reynolds, a Pastor in the United Methodist Church (Florida Conference). These transformative messages will speak directly into your life!

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Stages of Prayer: Beyond Magical Thinking to the Gift of Contemplation

We often hear about the importance of prayer in the life of faith, but few get extensive teaching...


 2015-08-03  50m

The Gospel in the Wizard of Oz

What does the Wizard of Oz have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ? In this message, Pastor Ma...


 2015-07-19  40m

How to Relate to Loved One Who Does Not Share Your Faith

Many Christians love people that do not embrace their faith. Some are fearful that if their spous...


 2015-07-12  50m

Don't Waste Good Wine: Remaining Flexible in Times of Change

We are living in a time of rapid change and cultural upheaval. In this message, Pastor Mark uses...


 2015-07-06  51m

How To Use Your Talents: Overcoming Fearful Inactivity (Message 6: Provocative Stories)

In the Parable of the Talents (Matt. 25:14-30), we see that God wants to take the good work He ha...


 2015-06-29  48m

What's the Point of Life? Learning from a Rich Fool (Message 5: Provocative Stories)

Many people get to the end of life and realize that they have missed the point. They work hard fo...


 2015-06-22  47m

What Do You Treasure? Gaining a New Perspective (Message 4: Provocative Stories)

In this message, Pastor Mark reflects on the parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl of gre...


 2015-06-15  53m

The Splendid Samaritan: Overcoming Tribalism (Message 3: Provocative Stories)

How do you view people who are different from you? This is an important question given the racial...


 2015-06-01  43m

What About Me? The Second Prodigal Son (Message 2: Provocative Stories)

The world teaches us to organize people into a hierarchical system of binary opposites: white/bla...


 2015-05-25  46m

It's Never Too Late to Come Home: The First Prodigal Son (Message 1: Provocative Stories)

Is it ever too late to come home? Can we run so far away from God and act so badly that He finall...


 2015-05-18  49m