Pathgrinders 3 Die Deep

An actual-play Pathfinder RPG podcast. Unique adventures in the city of Magnimar, part of the Pathfinder campaign setting. Co-existing in a shared universe with the Douglas and Dragons podcast.

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PG3DD Season 1 Ep 07: Cults Practice Safe Sects

The fight with the cultists under the city continues! Duke Laloosh has been struck with a fear spell and is running, but the rest of the group is ready to save the day. In the aftermath the guys make a new friend. All is well and good and all the...


 2016-11-30  59m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 06 – Flynt Starts a Savings Account

Druce, Duke, Job and Flynt are stomping through the sewers and killing every goblin they see. Last time they found a secret door that led them to a den of goblins. But there were mutated, more dangerous goblins than they’ve seen before. Now the guy


 2016-11-28  1h25m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 05 – Ratballs Jam

The sewers are now infested with vermin. But besides the PCs there are also rats and goblins! As the guys look for more goblins to kill, they find that perhaps the sewers of Magnimar hold deeper secrets than anticipated. Mutated goblin loogies for everyo


 2016-11-18  1h5m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 04 – Back to the Sewers

The guys recoup after their first day of work down in the Magnimar sewers. Then, with new orders from Sgt Jourdain, the guys go to the Lowcleft district to head under the city once again.


 2016-11-17  47m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 03 – Goblin Kabobs

Druce, the city guard, has just moved into the center of the battle. It was a pretty dumb move. The fight with the sewer goblins continues!


 2016-11-17  51m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 02 – Duke Ducks Out

The city guard and their two volunteers continue their hunt for goblins in the sewers of Magnimar.


 2016-11-17  1h9m

PG3DD Season 1 Ep 01- Sewering 101

Two city guards accompany two criminals assigned to community service as they delve into the sewers of Magnimar to eliminate a goblin infestation. Game Master John Bunger runs Jared, John, Kevin and Sean through a custom adventure in the Pathfinder campa


 2016-11-17  1h40m