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Windows Exploits, Re-Training Your Security Solutions - Tod Beardsley - ESW #177

Tod Beardsley, research director, will discuss some of the trends in Internet scanning and attacker behavior given there are new Windows vulnerabilities and the workforce working from home. Should you re-train your User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and/or...



Keeping Systems Secure...From Home - Sumedh Thakar - ESW #177

The cybersecurity challenges created by remote workforces and what it takes to deliver security to remote workers while avoiding impacting business operations. How do you continue vulnerability and patch management across endpoints and servers when...



Threat Stack, Qualys, StackRox, Sysdig - ESW #177

How to Write an Automated Test Framework in a Million Little Steps, Qualys remote endpoint protection solution helps enterprises secure remote workforces, Sysdig Provides the First Cloud-Scale Prometheus Monitoring Offering, Kaspersky Security for...



Nemours Use Of RSA Archer To Manage Compliance Risk - Kevin Haynes - SCW #22

Customer perspective on the three topics discussed with RSA in first segment Also: -What is your view of security vs. compliance vs. risk? -What drives your security program initiatives? -What are the biggest challenges in administering a...



Compliance Risk Challenges - David Walter - SCW #22

David Walter from RSA will join us to discuss the following: -The shift in the enterprise from compliance-based focused initiatives to risk-based ones -Regulatory changes that are impacting organizations security program/management efforts...



Real Leaders, Social Distancing, and Vendor Relationships - BSW #167

In the leadership and communications section, Real Leaders: Abraham Lincoln and the Power of Emotional Discipline, Social Distancing: 15 Ideas for How to Stay Sane, Rethink Your Relationship with Your Vendors, and more!   Visit for all the...



Protect Your Assets According to Their Value - Jeff Costlow - BSW #167

How do you protect your assets commensurate with their value if you lack situational awareness of everything communicating on your network thanks to IoT, rogue cloud instances, and shadow IT? If we can agree that EDR doesn't give the full picture,...



The Benefits of SAST and SCA in Your IDE - Utsav Sanghani - ASW #101

Static application security testing (SAST) is critical for uncovering and eliminating issues in proprietary code. However, over 60% of the code in an average application today is composed of open source components. SAST isn't designed to find open...



Singularity: A Different Take on Container Security - Adam Hughes - ASW #101

Singularity is a container runtime that was built from the ground up to live in multi-user environments where POSIX permissions must be respected. In addition to a novel runtime approach, the Singularity Image Format (SIF) differs significantly from...



Drobo Exploit, Docker Escape, SMBv3.11 - PSW #644

SANS Penetration Testing | Microsoft SMBv3.11 Vulnerability and Patch CVE-20200796 Explained, Drobo 5N2 4.1.1 - Remote Command Injection, $100K Paid Out for Google Cloud Shell Root Compromise, WordPress, Apache Struts Attract the Most Bug Exploits,...