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Cybersecurity Failure, Reboot Security Strategy, & Solving the Skills Gap - BSW #203

In the Leadership and Communications section, Cybersecurity Failure among Highest Risks, warns World Economic Forum, How to reboot a broken or outdated security strategy, A 21st Century Solution to Our Cybersecurity Skills Shortfall, and more!  ...



Everyone missed SUNBURST... or did they? - Matt Cauthorn - BSW #203

When the SolarWinds Orion SUNBURST attack hit the national newscycle, businesses far-and-wide scrambled to determine whether or not they were affected–unfortunately, many found they couldn't say either way with confidence. And then came the...



KindleDrip, State of Messaging State Machines, DoH, & Data Security Strategies - ASW #137

An overflow and a flawed regex paint an RCE picture for Kindle, messaging apps miss the message on secure state machines, three pillars of a data security strategy for the cloud, where DoH might fit into appsec, and all the things that can go wrong...



Reading Industry Analyst Tea Leaves To Predict The Future - Taylor McCaslin - ASW #137

It's analyst season with the new Forrester Wave on SAST recently published as well as Gartner's Application Security Testing Magic Quadrant publishing in April. We'll talk about what are analyst reports, how should you use them, and how should you...



WRT54G Hacking History, 70 Unpatched Cisco Vulns, & Bypassing MFA - PSW #680

In the Security News, How two authors became part of WRT54G hacking history, European police and German law enforcement have taken down the illegal "DarkMarket" online marketplace, 70 unpatched Cisco vulnerabilities and why these are not a big deal,...



Hacking Ubiquiti Devices - Jon Gorenflo - PSW #680

Ubiquiti network gear has become a favorite among tech enthusiasts, but various Ubiquiti products have had some serious vulnerabilities in recent history. Listen in as we discuss hack, secure, and learn with Ubiquiti gear. We'll also discuss...



Beyond Phishing Blockers - Ryan Noon - PSW #680

Ryan Noon joins Paul, and the rest of the PSW team, this week to chat through the importance of resilience in everything companies do to protect cloud-stored data and IP, unpack growing enterprise demand for a "digital seatbelt," and explain why...



The DBoM Consortium - Chris Blask - ESW #213

The DBoM consortium is a Linux Foundation project to be able to share information with third parties safely, securely, and with control over the information, even after handing it over! Unisys has just open-sourced the code to make this possible, and...



It's 2021, Do You Know Where Your Assets Are? - ESW #213

We all know asset management is one of the basics. In fact, it's literally the first two items on the Center for Internet Security's list of top 20 critical security controls. The term "basics"...



Amazon's Parler Removal, Beyond Security & Vicarius Partner, & More SolarWinds! - ESW #213

This week, Beyond Security partners with Vicarius, Amazon’s Parler removal and what it means for Cloud onfidence, Kount sold to Equifax, McAfee vs Crowdstrike, JumpCloud raises some funds, Red Hat acquires StackRox, and SolarWinds warnings of weak...