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Netgear RCE, Guacamole Flaws, & 'Lucifer' DDoS Botnet - PSW #656

Cisco Releases Security Advisory for Telnet Vulnerability in IOS XE Software, Firefox 78 is out with a mysteriously empty list of security fixes, Python Arbitrary File Write Prevention: The Tarbomb, New Lucifer DDoS Botnet Targets Windows Systems with...



OSINT Scraping with Python - Ryan Hays - PSW #656

With bug bounties becoming more and more main stream for organizations. The bounty hunters are turning to more and more automation. Open source intelligence gathering can be automated with the use of python and a handful of other opensource tools such...



Work From Home Cyber Security - Jerry Chen - PSW #656

Hackers know that more people are working from home now and accessing/ sending/ sharing sensitive company data through their home networks. How can businesses help employees secure their home networks?   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show...



Cybersecurity Hiring - Franz Payer - ESW #189

Given the huge demand for cybersecurity professionals, how can we improve the hiring process to find those who are talented, but may not have an extensive resume? Let's discuss how CTF-style exercises can be used to help enterprises cast a wider net...



HITRUST Compliance vs. Security & Diversity in InfoSec - Greg Thomas - ESW #189

Discussing HITRUST compliance in small and medium environments and how to use automation and scalable practices in the cloud to be both compliant and secure.   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:



SaltStack Enterprise 6.3, Semperis, & SafeGuard 7.6 - ESW #189

Semperis adds vulnerability assessment, security reporting, and auto-remediation to its DSP, AWS launches Amazon Honeycode to help quickly build mobile and web apps without programming, Attivo Networks Advanced Protection Disrupts Ransomware 2.0,...



Cloud Security & Compliance News - SCW #33

Cloud Security for a Dynamic Environment, Why identity-based, distributed controls are better suited to address cloud-era threats, Top Cloud Security Challenges in 2020, Exposed Cloud Databases Attacked 18 Times Per Day, and more!   Visit for...



PCI Workloads in the Cloud - Matt Springfield - SCW #33

Taking a deeper look into moving PCI related resources into cloud platforms. Public cloud, private cloud, do's, don'ts and can'ts! We will explore key considerations and impacts to security compliance and responsibilities related to cloud.  ...



Cybersecurity is a Business Problem,6 Reasons Strategy Fails, 5 Cities for Tech - BSW #178

In the leadership and communications section, Why Cybersecurity Is Really A Business Problem, 6 Reasons Your Strategy Isn’t Working, 5 cities with the highest tech salaries, and more!   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:



Cybersecurity Challenges in Growth Organizations - Graeme Park - BSW #178

As part of our CISO interview series, we'll ask Graeme our standard questions, including: How did you get started in security?, What security problems do you face on a daily basis?, How have you solved your challenges?, Where do you report within the...