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Comedic actor, Paul Vato, interviews his celebrity friends from entertainment, social media, travel & business. Meet, laugh & learn from famous actors, improvisors, comedians, singers, voice over artists, magicians, photographers, social media stars, influencers, world travelers & entrepreneurs from around the globe! Paul Vato has appeared on MADtv, The Sarah Silverman Program, Cedric The Entertainer Presents:, Reno 911, The Bold & The Beautiful, & ABC's To Tell The Truth. He appeared opposite Nicholas Cage in The Trust. • • • Support this podcast:

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episode 34: Ben Morrison, Comedian And Chron's Disease Advocate Makes Money While Pooping, Find Out How

Paul Vato sits down (not on the toilet) and chats with comedian Ben Morrison. Ben has been doing stand up comedy for over 20 years and has discovered the importance of social media to help him land branding deals with major companies. Ben can also fully produce your next stand up comedy special for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and all of the other streaming services. Paul and Ben also chat about what it was like studying with William H...



episode 33: Andrew Roffe On How A Shift In His Work Ethic Has Lead Him To Find His Greatest Successes Yet

Andrew Roffe answers the most important question on Paul, and everybody else's mind, "why are you gay?" We also find out what it's like touring the country in a 14 seater van and opening for viral internet comedic sensation, Wisconsin's Charlie Berens. Even though this episode came in a little late for Pride month we still delve in to Andrew Roffe's personal life, even going as far as using this platform to find him a potential partner. In this episode you will learn:




episode 32: Artisan Josh On His Journey From The Big House To The Tiny House. A Story Of Redemption And Success.

Do you dream of leaving the rat race behind and hitting the road in a tiny home? Today we meet Artisan Josh who spent decades in prison and now roams the country in his tiny home inspiring and motivating others to do the same. We get to hear about the incredible tiny home communities that are sprouting up around the United States and get a sneak peak into the tiny home festivals happening all over...



episode 31: Kelly Leonard on How to Use 'Thank You, Because' to Disarm Disagreement

In a world of increasing polarization, Kelly Leonard is working to bridge the divide and bring people together by teaching the power of improv. In this episode you will learn:

1. The importance of play, especially as we get older.
2. The power of "Yes, And" to create agreement and understanding.
3. The importance of a shared humanity that includes people who may not think or vote like we do.

"The world we live in right now, no one wants to work together...



episode 30: Jonathan Pitts, International Improv Teacher And Artist, On What It's Like Traveling The World Teaching And Performing Improv Comedy

Paul Vato reconnects with his old pal from Chicago, Jonathan Pitts, an award-winning international improv theatre artist and storyteller who has performed and/or taught in 26 countries and 98 cities. They discuss the early days of Salsation, the world's first Latino improv and sketch comedy group and what it's like to travel the world teaching and doing improv...



episode 29: Clayton Farris Of Tammy Bangs On Being A Dallas Texas Native And Now Living And Working In Hollywood!

Clayton Farris joins Paul Vato to discuss his journey from Dallas, Texas to Hollywood and what it's like to be a working actor in Hollywood. We discuss whether it is easier to date men or women and who it's easier to have sex with. Another deep dive into the wonderful world of working actors. 

Clayton Farris is an actor, writer and social media influencer who hangs his hat in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA...



episode 28: Lisa Kay Jennings. The Voice Of Lila Rossi & Cat Noir On Nickelodeon & Paramount Plus & What It's Like Being A Working Voice Actor In Hollywood Today!

Lisa Kaye Jennings, the voice of Lila Rossi and Cat Noir on Nickelodeon and Paramount Plus, joins Paul Vato and discusses what it like being a working voice actor in Hollywood today. We also get to hear some of her favorite characters that she voices. Thank you for tuning in.

Lisa Kay Jennings is an American Voice Actress best known for her work as Lila Rossi on Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir...



episode 27: Jim McCaffree. Actor, Improvisor and Stand Up Comedian and his Journey from Chicago Theater to Los Angeles Stand Up.

Paul Vato had the privilege of sitting down with an old friend from The Second City in Chicago. They discuss the differences between improv and stand up as well as reminisce about Paul Vato's strange dieting habits.

Jim is a native of Illinois who spent some time in Chicago performing in theater and studying improv.

Jim has appeared in Weeds, The Thundermans & Black Monday with Regina Hall...


 2022-06-28  46m

episode 26: Jose Ucar. Global TEDx Speaker Talks About The Importance of Public Speaking & What It's Like For Latinos Living In The UK.

Paul had the amazing opportunity to chat with Joe Ucar. We chat about Jose's worldly travels and the importance of making deep meaningful connections with your audience. Jose also implores us to share our personal stories because you never know who you might be able to positively help by putting your story out in the world. We also discuss what it's like for Latinos living in the UK...


 2022-06-21  52m

episode 25: Yoshua Greenfield. Vibrational Music Guide, Author, Teacher & Barefoot Advocate!

Yoshua Greenfield writes books and creates things about living life via truth, nature, music, food, and his bare feet. He talks to us about how he discovered the joys of walking, hiking, running and dancing barefoot and learned to love his feet.

Rather than tout his "accolades", Yoshua's actions speak louder than words...


 2022-06-16  46m