Pedaling Podcast

John decided to take on a 20,000km bikepacking from Auckland to London and en route he plans to talk with cycling industry, enthusiasts, athletes and other unique stories along the way. Follow along the journey as he crosses New Zealand, Australia, Asia, India and into Europe.


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episode 3: Success is Knowing Your Market: Allister Worrall

I get talking with Allister Worrall who operates the family business, Worralls. With over 100 years in the distribution business...


 2018-10-16  42m

episode 2: Bike Auckland: Barbara Cuthbert

Barbara discusses all things cycling in her crusade for improving the streets for riding bikes and getting more of us out on two wheels. But what exactly does a non-profit voice for cycling do? How much difference are they making to our cities? If you’re interested to know, than listen to Barbara explain the nuances of running a day-to-day operation.


 2018-10-10  51m

Introduction to the Show

A brief update of what I'm planning so I can bring you the show by cycling from one end of the world to the other. Follow show notes and updates of my journey on: If find me on instagram


 2018-10-01  1m