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Child Passenger Safety - PediaCast 560

Drs David Kling and Morgan Wurtz visit the studio as we explore child passenger safety. Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death for children 4 years of age and older. We review best practices for keeping kids safe using car seats and booster seats. We hope you can join us!



Clinical Pathways: Improving Child Health with Science - PediaCast 559

Drs Berkeley Bennett and Gerd McGwire visit the studio as we consider clinical pathways in pediatric medicine. Clinical pathways improve the delivery and efficiency of care, impact outcomes, contain costs, and boost family satisfaction. We explain how!



Down Syndrome Awareness Day - PediaCast 558

Dr Mark Wells, Dr Murugu Manickam, and Kari Jones visit the studio as we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21. This year’s theme is “End the Stereotypes” and we will do that by answering questions and correcting misconceptions about this common genetic condition. We hope you can join us!


 March 20, 2024  1h9m

Keeping Little Eyes Safe During a Solar Eclipse - PediaCast 557

Dr David Rogers visits the studio as we consider the total solar eclipse visiting Ohio on April 8th. The moon marching across the sun will be an amazing display, but how can we keep little eyes safe while viewing it? Tune in to find out!


 March 13, 2024  48m

Green Flags: Preventing Relationship Abuse and Violence - PediaCast 556

Dr Megan Letson and Sheryl Clinger visit the studio as we explore teenage relationships and their potential for abuse and violence. Where’s the line between appropriate and abusive behavior? What are relationship red flags… and green flags? Tune in to find out!


 March 7, 2024  44m

Sports Nutrition for Student Athletes - PediaCast 555

This week we consider sports nutrition for student athletes as guest host, Alycia Kingcade, chats with Sakiko Minagawa and Dr Tom Pommering. Discover the importance of food as fuel and energy availability. We also explore dietary supplements, sports drinks, and picky eaters. We hope you can join us!


 February 22, 2024  41m

Nationwide Children’s Hospital: Then and Now - PediaCast 554

Scott McKenzie visits the studio as we take a deep dive into the history and growth of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. From humble beginnings to one of the most comprehensive pediatric medical centers in the country, we explore what makes this place so special. We hope you can join us!


 February 13, 2024  1h9m

Proton Therapy: Advanced Cancer Treatment for Kids - PediaCast 553

Dr Timothy Cripe, Dr Joshua Palmer, and Kayla Young visit the studio as we explore proton therapy as a treatment for pediatric cancer. Discover how this technology delivers precise radiation with fewer side effects. We hope you can join us!


 February 8, 2024  37m

Pediatric Anesthesia - PediaCast 552

Dr Vanessa Ng and Amber Craver visit the studio as we consider pediatric #anesthesia. We explore the latest advances in the field and discuss preparing your child for a procedure, anesthesia safety, and the short and long-term consequences in #kids. We hope you can join us!


 January 25, 2024  56m

Pediatric Orthopedic Oncology - PediaCast 551

Dr Thomas Scharschmidt visits the studio as we consider pediatric orthopedic oncology. Bone cancers, such as osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma, are more common in children than adults. We explore the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and long-term outlook for those impacted by these conditions. We hope you can join us!


 January 19, 2024  33m