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Dr Mike makes Pod Calls! Join us as he answers questions from moms and dads around the world. Plus, you'll get a healthy dose of pediatric news, parenting tips, interviews with experts, and the latest research findings--with explanations you can understand!

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Swimmer's Ear and Premature Babies - PediaCast 467

Dr Ben Kovalcik and Dr Erica Braswell visit the studio as we discuss care of the preterm infant. We explore unique concerns and needs of these babies, including medical complications and issues related to breathing, feeding, growth and development. Also covered: swimmer’s ear. We hope you can join us!



Poison Ivy and Summer Conditioning - PediaCast 466

Sports Medicine experts, Dr Jim MacDonald and Kirk Sabalka, visit the studio as we consider student athletes and summer conditioning in the age of COVID. It’s also time for our yearly reminder on itchy rashes caused by the poison plants of summer. We hope you can join us!



The Importance of Well Checks - PediaCast 465

Well child checkups are important… even during a pandemic! Our Plain Language Panel returns for an insider’s look at these visits. We explore immunizations, growth and development and guidance offered for each age group. Also: tips for a safe visit with your child’s medical provider. We hope you can join us!



Racism is a Public Health Crisis - PediaCast 464

Dr Jordee Wells and Dr Fareeda Haamid visit the studio as we consider racism as a public health crisis. What exactly does this mean and who suffers the consequences? How did we arrive at this moment in history? And where do we go from here? Join us for answers to these questions and more!


 2020-06-24  1h4m

What You Need To Know About Bullying - PediaCast 463

Dr Nkeiruka Orajiaka visits the studio as we consider the problem of bullying. How does it look and who is at risk? What signs point to this behavior? What are the consequences? How can we prevent bullying… and intervene when it occurs? Join us for answers!


 2020-06-17  1h2m

How Our Immune System Works - PediaCast 462

The immune system is making headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. We go beyond the headlines and provide you with a foundation of how this fascinating system works. Dr Becky Scherzer and Dr Ben Prince help us explore antigens and antibodies, B cells and T cells, macrophages and natural killer cells. You’ll also learn about weakened immune systems and over-zealous cytokine storms. We hope you can join us!


 2020-05-20  1h17m

Preventing Child Abuse During a Pandemic - PediaCast 461

Child abuse and neglect occur even as families stay home. And yet reports of abuse are down because teachers, medical providers and community partners have less contact with the families they serve. Dr Kristin Crichton and Becca Fredin explore the problem and provide tips for supporting families and preventing child abuse during these difficult days. We hope you can join us!


 2020-05-07  52m

Academic Fitness During a Pandemic - PediaCast 460

School work and learning must go on, even during a pandemic. Our neuropsychology team visits as we explore tips, tricks and resources for parents as they partner with schools and provide additional learning moments for children and teens… while staying home. We hope you can join us.


 2020-04-22  1h5m

Physical Fitness During a Pandemic - PediaCast 459

Physical activity and exercise are important, even during a pandemic. Our sports medicine team visits as we explore family activities, physical fitness, sports conditioning and connecting with coaches, athletic trainers and teammates… while staying home. We hope you can join us!


 2020-04-15  46m

Mental Fitness During a Pandemic - PediaCast 458

Parents and children have many feelings these days, including anxiety, anger, depression and disappointment. These are normal responses to our new reality. We explore the feelings and share practical tips for weathering the storm. Gina McDowell, clinical counselor with Big Lots Behavioral Health Services, is our guest. We hope you can join us!


 2020-04-01  53m