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Dr Mike makes Pod Calls! Join us as he answers questions from moms and dads around the world. Plus, you'll get a healthy dose of pediatric news, parenting tips, interviews with experts, and the latest research findings--with explanations you can understand!

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Tackling Boredom - PediaCast 486

Dr Parker Huston visits the studio as we tackle boredom. A parent’s instinct may be to step in and solve their child’s boredom, but this may do more harm than good. Boredom provides a blank canvas for discovering the creativity that lies within. We share tips for nurturing creativity so children can solve boredom on their own!



COVID-19 Vaccines - PediaCast 485

Dr David Stukus visits the studio as we explore COVID-19 vaccines. Learn about the various types, including how each one works and expected side effects. We discuss the clinical trials and FDA approval process... and we highlight the overall benefits and risks of vaccination. Also considered: vaccine hesitancy among healthcare workers and the general public. We hope you can join us!



Your Child's Mouth and Throat - PediaCast 484

Our Plain Language Panel returns to the studio as Dr Mary Ann Abrams and Dr Alex Rakowsky explore common conditions affecting the mouth and throat. We cover choking, swallowed objects, teething, sore throat and thrush. We hope you can join us!


 2021-02-16  1h5m

Congenital Heart Disease - PediaCast 483

Dr Thomas Glenn and Tawanna Nishibayashi visit the studio as we consider congenital heart disease and its impact on children and families. You’ll hear two difficult (and inspiring) journeys through hypoplastic left heart syndrome and its many challenges. We hope you can join us!


 2021-02-09  1h11m

Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction - PediaCast 482

Dr Christopher Iobst visits the studio as we consider limb lengthening and reconstruction. This amazing subspecialty of pediatric orthopedic surgery works hard to improve the lives of children and their families every day. Join us to learn more!


 2021-02-02  44m

Potty Training, Bedwetting and Other Pee & Poop Problems - PediaCast 481

Dr Steve Hodges visits the studio as we explore potty training, bedwetting and other pee & poop problems. Learn the central role constipation plays and discover practical tips for helping kids. We hope you can join us!


 2021-01-12  1h2m

Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants - PediaCast 480

Drs Oliver Adunka, Krista Winner and Erin Stefancin visit this week as we consider the cause and impact of hearing loss. We explore services provided by audiology and speech-language pathology and uncover the fascinating facts of cochlear implants. We hope you can join us!


 2021-01-07  1h1m

Holiday Hazards - PediaCast 479

Dr Alexandra Funk, director of the Central Ohio Poison Center, visits the studio as we consider holiday hazards. We identify common dangers in the home and share tips for keeping kids and families safe throughout the season. We hope you can join us!


 2020-12-09  59m

Your Child's Ears and Nose - PediaCast 478

Our Pediatrics in Plain Language Panel returns to the studio as we consider your child’s ears and nose. We explore swimmer’s ear, middle ear infections, ear wax, nosebleeds and little objects—like beads and peas and legos—that get stuck in the ear and up the nose. We hope you can join us!


 2020-11-13  1h4m

Ultrasound Technology in Sports Medicine - PediaCast 477

Drs Drew Duerson and Jonathan Napolitano visit the studio as we explore the use of ultrasound technology in sports medicine. How do ultrasounds work, when are they needed and why so popular? Find out in this week’s episode!


 2020-11-04  36m