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Dr Mike makes Pod Calls! Join us as he answers questions from moms and dads around the world. Plus, you'll get a healthy dose of pediatric news, parenting tips, interviews with experts, and the latest research findings--with explanations you can understand!

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Indoor Tanning, Parents & Friends, Redesigned Well-Checks – PediaCast 291

Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for more News Parents Can Use! Topics include indoor tanning & skin cancer, diagnosing genetic disorders by photograph, parents & friends, the benefit of moral stories, redesigning the well-child visit, and nurses & immunizations.


 2014-07-09  33m

Child Life – PediaCast 290

Join Dr Mike, Danielle Behnke, and Elizabeth Pastorek for a round-table discussion on the Child Life Program at Nationwide Children’s. We cover the goals of the program, the role of the child life specialist on the medical team, resources, activities and FUN ways to support patients and families… as well as tips and opportunities for pursuing a child life career!


 2014-06-25  44m

Speech Disorders – Nasal Speech & Velopharyngeal Dysfunction – PediaCast 289

Dr Adriane Baylis joins Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for a discussion on nasal speech, resonance speech disorders and velopharyngeal dysfunction. These may sound like confusing terms, but we’ll break the problems down into understandable language and cover their cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications, long-term outlook… and the latest research topics!


 2014-06-11  51m

Growth Charts, Sinus Infections, Game Night – PediaCast 288

Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for more answers to listener questions. This week’s topics include growth charts, nitrates in baby food, sinus infections, leg bumps, family game night, and baby gate safety.


 2014-06-04  55m

Hirschsprung Disease – PediaCast 287

Dr Marc Levitt joins Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for a comprehensive look at Hirschsprung Disease. We talk cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications, long-term outlook and the latest research topics. With more than 5,000 colorectal procedures under his belt, Dr Levitt has helped more kids with Hirschsprung Disease than any other surgeon on the planet… be sure to join us!


 2014-05-21  38m