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Nurse Practitioners – PediaCast 317

Welcome to Nurses Week 2015! Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio as we explore the important role nurse practitioners play in the delivery of pediatric healthcare. We also cover nurse practitioner training and their involvement with education and research. Guests include three nurse practitioners from Nationwide Children’s: Maryanne Tranter, Debbie Terry and Erin Keels.


 2015-05-06  54m

Back Pain in Student Athletes - PediaCast 316

Welcome to a special sports medicine edition of PediaCast! Dr Eric Bowman joins Dr Mike as Co-Host, along with guests Dr Emily Stuart and Dr Kimberly Wolf. Together they discuss back pain and its effect on student athletes. Topics include spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, strains and sprains. They also explore the similarities and differences between DOs and MDs. Be sure to tune in!


 2015-04-29  1h6m

Teen Suicide - PediaCast 315

This week, Dr Mike takes a comprehensive look at Teen Suicide. We discuss the scope of the problem, risk factors, warning signs, prevention strategies, treatment options, long-term outlook for suicidal teens and ongoing research projects aimed at identifying at-risk youth and getting them plugged-in to the help they need. Dr David Axelson, Dr Jeff Bridge and Dr Dan Cohen are our guests. Join us!


 2015-04-15  1h6m

Chefs, Sharenting, Medical Marijuana - PediaCast 314

Join Dr Mike in the Pediacast Studio for more News Parents Can Use. This week’s topics include the School Breakfast Program, chefs in school, diagnosing prematurity with a mobile app, sharenting (no, that’s not a typo), antipsychotic medication, and using medical marijuana for behavioral problems.


 2015-04-08  42m

Narcissists, Sex Education, E-Cigarettes - PediaCast 313

Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for another edition of News Parents Can Use. This week’s topics include raising little narcissists, divorce & obesity, sex education, pre-teen depression, smoking and E-cigarettes.


 2015-04-01  43m

Nursemaid's Elbow, Febrile Seizures, Sever's Disease - PediaCast 312

Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for more answers to listener questions! This week’s topics include nursemaid’s elbow, febrile seizures and Sever’s Disease.


 2015-03-25  40m

Juvenile Arthritis - PediaCast 311

Dr Charles Spencer joins Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio to talk about Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). Learn the ins and outs of this tricky disease, including common presentations, diagnosis, treatment and long-term outlook for affected kids. We also cover the latest research topics!


 2015-03-18  49m

Music Therapy - PediaCast 310

Dr Mike is joined in the PediaCast Studio by three music therapists at Nationwide Children’s Hospital: Jennifer Yurkovich, Sarah Groh and Lelia Emery. Learn about their role in helping sick kids and families feel better and cope with the stresses of a hospital stay. Learn too how moms and dads can use the concepts of music therapy at home!


 2015-03-04  50m

Napping, Pizza, Carbon Monoxide - PediaCast 309

Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for more news parents can use. This week’s topics include eating fish while pregnant, napping & memory, re-evaluating screen time, the problem with pizza, celiac disease on the rise, and carbon monoxide poisoning.


 2015-02-18  40m

Acting Out, Au Pairs, Rolandic Epilepsy - PediaCast 308

Join Dr Mike for more answers to listener questions! This week’s topics include measles, breastfeeding & medications, acting out, sensitive kids, infant care resources, Au Pairs and immunizations, and benign rolandic epilepsy.


 2015-02-12  49m