Penance RPG

Penance RPG is a homebrew style of RPG podcast created out of the belief that actual play storytelling should allow for not only free player choice for any and every decision but equal consequences to these decisions. We believe this allows for an organic style of storytelling rarely seen anywhere else whilst still retaining a deep love for fantastical tales of castles and characters. As all bard’s tales should, we work to not only tell our own tales of heroism and heretics, but also blend our own ideas with tales that have passed around the fires many times over to create fresh blood for older stories, telling them in such a manner that breathes new life and a different style to a tale that some of you may have heard more than 956877 times before.... We offer lovable characters, dastardly villains, dangerous scenery and chaotic situations all in an attempt to bring you something different from your standard dungeon crawl.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h20m. Bisher sind 256 Folge(n) erschienen.

episode 45: Plummet Episode 45: Tot Hopic Part 2 - "Portalling Free"



 2020-03-30  2h7m

episode 6: Ramblecast Episode 06: "Sorry Elijah Wood."

This Week we Unearthed something we taped for an All the Horror 2019 colab: a Bizarre Discussion about Serial Killers


 2020-03-22  1h4m

episode 26: Ramblecast Episode 05: "Someone Stole My Foot..."

Cocktails! Cannibalism! Canadians! We Cover it all in this weeks Collection of Tangents & Tales


 2020-03-14  1h47m

episode 25: Penance RPG - Ramblecast Episode 04: "A Good Day to Ramble Cast"

With technical issues & Illness still causing delays We bring you More Weird & Wonderful nonsense, taped on better days


 2020-03-08  1h48m

episode 24: Penance RPG - Ramblecast Episode 03: "Human Eggs & Cats With hands"

When Illness strikes, We ask Belry Questions! Come join us for More Bizarre Tangents and Weird Answers!


 2020-03-01  1h55m

episode 44: Plummet Episode 44: Tot Hopic (Part One)

Nerekhall is falling, Its fate hangs by a thread To save the city, they must return with Ebony Darkness’ head...


 2020-02-23  1h14m

episode 24: Woodland Wanderings: Rich Encounters

Rich Encounters


 2020-02-19  1h19m

episode 23: Penance RPG - Ramblecast Episode 01: "On the Spot with Belry & Friends"

As we were unable to record once again this week due to illness and exhaustion from the rest of the cast, we instead bring you another collection of bizarre tangents & extras from the last year (or so) that have never been heard before! Including...


 2020-02-15  1h26m

episode 43: Plummet Episode 43: Resonance Cascade

Fresh Recruits to join their cause, that the Artificer deployed, Now New blood augments the old, as they examine the void


 2020-02-09  1h5m

episode 22: Penance RPG - Ramblecast Episode 01

Mic Checks & Mishaps


 2020-01-31  1h9m