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Mobile Performance Craziness

Our good friend and mobile gadget guru John Curtis from Black Falcon Consulting joins PerfBytes for a crazy conversation about mobile performance craziness. We chat about the true impact to your system performance caused by the Bring Your Own Device...


 2013-05-07  1h1m

PerfBytes Live! at STPCON Spring 2013

It's time for PerfBytes Live! Please join us at STPCON in April 2013 for a live broadcast recording of the PerfBytes podcast featuring your expertly equipped hosts Mark Tomlinson and James Pulley. This show will include our coverage of the STPCON...


 2013-04-26  1h0m

Agile Performance Testing

It's a lonely life, as a performance tester in an agile shop. Your work is pushed to the end of the iteration and then they shut you in the lab for four days right before the release. Well, it's time to get performance up-and-out of the lab and...


 2013-04-16  1h0m

Performance Testing in Production

Production? You remember that system that has to keep running 24x7x365 to keep your customers happy, and employees productive and keep your organization's revenue stream going? Yeah, that one. Did you ever thing that doing destructive load or...


 2013-04-02  1h2m

Hiring Top Performance Talent

There is an old Pete Seeger song that goes like: "Where have all the Performance Gurus gone? Where can they be? (okay, perhaps that's not the exact lyric he wrote, I admit). But when it comes to building a performance team the first thing you've...


 2013-03-18  1h0m

Types of Performance Tests

Performance Tests, Stress Tests, Soak Tests, Spike Tests, Benchmarks and Baselines...lions and tigers and bears, oh my! In this episode of PerfBytes we'll take a closer look into the definitions for the most common types of performance testing because...


 2013-03-05  1h0m

LAMP Stack Performance Tuning

Hey, who turned out the lights? Turn on a LAMP - that's the popular semi-standard configuration of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP which is employed across thousands of websites out there in the wilds of internet reality. Even major vendors like IBM and...


 2013-02-19  1h0m

Performance Monitoring

It is not safe to drive a car with your eyes closed. It is also not safe to operate expensive, mission-critical computing systems without monitoring the performance. How much CPU did that query use? How much memory is being allocated/de-allocated? How...


 2013-02-08  1h0m

No-Fluff Cloud Performance

Dude, pull your head out of your cloud. You made the leap into the clouds - running new applications, migrating old ones and all the while trying to figure out how to manage and maintain this new shared and uncontrollable infrastructure's performance....


 2013-02-08  59m

Web Performance Optimization

We tuned the databases - for scaling up and scaling out - grids and clouds and no-sql. We tuned the servers - for scaling up and scaling out - farms and clusters and automated deployment. We tuned the network - accelerations and caching and CDNs....


 2013-02-08  59m