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Want to future-proof your life and career? In each episode of this podcast, Entrepreneur magazine editor in chief Jason Feifer takes something that seems concerning or confusing today, and then learns its surprising history, what important things we’re missing, and how to be more optimistic about tomorrow. (The was previously called Pessimists Archive.)

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The Case for Sex Robots

Sex robots?! For decades, people have debated their dangers or called them ridiculous. But what if these bots can actually be a good thing? Here is the surprisingly human argument for a dystopian-sounding technology — and why it matters far beyond the bedroom. Get in touch! Newsletter: Website: Instagram: @heyfeifer Twitter: @heyfeifer Sponsors: butcherbox...



This Episode Will Change Your Brain

People worry that technology changes our brains. It’s the reason why tech critics talk about dopamine, a chemical that they say turns us into social media addicts. But when I called actual brain scientists and asked them to fact-check the critics, I heard a very different story: Our brains are way more flexible than we think, they say. And dopamine? It’s complicated. Get in touch! Newsletter: Website: jasonfeifer...


 2021-10-28  41m

Simple Pleasures Aren’t Simple (See: Knitting)

Is everything really political these days? Or has it always been that way? To answer that, let’s look at the story of knitting. Can anything get simpler than knitting? Balls of yarn! Comfy socks! So when the knitting community began reckoning with racism recently, many people complained that it ruined their simple pleasure.  But the history of knitting is long and controversial — and includes many of today’s most hotly debated topics...


 2021-09-30  46m

The Not-Boring Truth About Boredom

The most dangerous thing about smartphones, according to critics, is that we're never bored. Boredom is healthy, they say! But history and science may say otherwise. People have spent thousands of years desperately trying to escape boredom, and even considered it a sin or disease...


 2021-08-26  44m

Yes, Talk to Strangers!

You might think you’re bad at talking with strangers. But in fact, you were built to talk to them — and you’re more natural at it than you know. In this episode, we go back millions of years to learn how our cultures and even our bodies were shaped by strangers, and what that can teach us about healing today’s great divides. Get in touch! Web: Check out guest Joe Keohane’s book, “The Power of Strangers” Sponsors: Teamistry: https/bit...


 2021-07-30  47m

Why Covid Nostalgia Is… Good?

Many people are reminiscing about the things they enjoyed during Covid, which is a surprisingly common thing to happen after bad or challenging times. Why do we do this? Because our memories work in strange, unexpected, but ultimately very helpful ways. In this episode, we take a deep dive into how our memories work — including why we remember good more than bad, why reminiscing about the past prepares us for the future, and how, in some way, we are all living a lie. (And that’s OK...


 2021-06-24  48m

You Are Not “Addicted” To Technology

Are smartphones and social media addictive? Tech critics say yes. But actual addiction researchers say something else — and they point to ways in which our broad use of the word “addiction” can cause real harm. In this episode, we look at the history of supposedly “addictive” technologies, understand the surprisingly odd science behind today’s scariest claims, and discover who really has the power to break these supposed “addictions.” (Hint: It’s you.) Get in touch! Web: jasonfeifer...


 2021-05-27  1h4m

How To Live Like Ancient Royalty

What was once only available to kings and queens, but that you can do today? The answer: Shocking stuff you've never even thought of. If you ever worry that our world is in decline, this episode can help put that in perspective. We also look at some amazing predictions from 1921 about 2021, and see how we’re living in the world they only fantasized about. Get in touch! Web: Instagram: @heyfeifer Twitter: @heyfeifer Sponsors: Blinkist...


 2021-04-29  53m

Everyone Is Wrong About Participation Trophies

You’ve heard the story: Young people got “participation trophies” as kids, and it taught them to be entitled, lazy workers. But here’s what you haven’t heard: Participation trophies are 100 years old, and for most of that time, they were considered a good thing. Here’s the real story of how these trophies became villainized… and what their actual impact is.   Get in touch!  Instagram: @heyfeifer Web:   Sponsors: pingidentity...


 2021-03-25  49m

The Surprising Importance of To-Go Cocktails

You can learn a lot from a simple margarita… because when you take one home from a restaurant in America, you’re participating in a change that was hundreds of years in the making. In this episode, we dig deep into how cocktails-to-go became suddenly legal (and why they were once illegal in the first place). It’s a surprisingly complex story that reveals our weird history with alcohol, and how the smallest shifts can lead to unexpectedly massive changes...


 2021-02-25  48m