Build For Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be better than you think! In each episode of this podcast, Entrepreneur magazine editor in chief Jason Feifer takes something that seems concerning or confusing today, and then learns its surprising history, what important things we’re missing, and how to be more optimistic about tomorrow. (The show was previously called Pessimists Archive.)

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Why New Technology Always Seems Scary

People said radio was too addictive... then TV was too addictive... and now smartphones are too addictive! Why does every generation say the same things about its new technology (and why do our fears rarely come true?) In this episode, we dive into the fascinating research that explains our cycles of panic — and explain how to finally end it. Get in touch! Web: Email. Twitter / Instagram: @heyfeifer Thanks to our sponsors:  plume...


 2020-07-30  53m

The Mystery of the Shared Earbuds

What does it take for two different people to fin…


 2020-06-25  46m

Why We Hate Being Told What To Do

People are refusing to wear masks during a pandem…


 2020-05-28  44m

The Good That Comes From A Pandemic

Covid-19 will have its benefits


 2020-05-01  49m

How Natural Is "Natural"?

People love natural foods and natural products... but what is "natural," really? In this episode, we explore that question by going back to one of the very first times anyone claimed a natural product was better than a man-made one: It's the great war between the "natural" ice industry and the brand-new refrigerator industry. And it can teach us a lot about the decisions we make today. Get in touch! Web: Email. jasonfeifer@gmail...


 2020-03-26  48m

Why We Really Celebrate Our Birthdays

Today, people complain about self-obsessed millennials. Yesterday, they complained about children celebrating their birthdays. When the birthday party became popular in the 19th century, people worried that it would corrupt community, spoil children, and contradict the bible. But the truth -- about why we celebrate our birthdays and ourselves -- is far more complicated. Get in touch! Web: Email. jasonfeifer@gmail...


 2020-02-27  45m

Can Tech Physically Change Your Face?

Do you suffer from automobile face? What about airplane face? Or moving-picture face? These are just some examples from a strange historical pattern: For more than a century, people have claimed that new technologies are physically deforming our faces -- and we still say it today. (No, you don't have "tech neck"!) On this episode, we explore where this fear comes from, what it means, and what happens when the fear really does come true...


 2020-01-23  53m

Teddy Bears Are History's Most Subversive Toy

The teddy bear: Is it cute and cuddly, or a “horrible monstrosity” that’ll destroy humanity? In 1907, many people feared the worst — that this new toy would ruin young girls’ developing maternal instincts, and lead us to a terrible fate. This is the story of how the teddy bear changed us all… and how we then changed the bear. Get in touch! Web: Email. Twitter / Instagram: @heyfeifer Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 2019-12-05  49m

You're Vain and That's OK!

Vanity was born when the mirror was discovered. That’s what the Chicago Record wrote in 1895, around the time when mirrors became a household item. People (and especially women) were condemned for looking in the mirror, and accused of being sinful. But then the mirror altered the way we think about vanity altogether — and forever changed the way we look at ourselves...


 2019-10-24  53m

Should Roads Be For Cars?

Roads weren't always for cars. In fact, highways were originally built for bikes! And now, as modern cities freak out over e-scooters, it’s worth looking back at when the roads were full of all kinds of things on wheels. How did early scooters, roller skates, and other new devices shape what we think of as the road today? And is it time to rethink how we design our cities now? Get in touch! Web: Email. jasonfeifer@gmail...


 2019-09-12  50m