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      Episode 21: BASICS & FPHC Conference 2017 – Part 1



      Episode 20: End Tidal Carbon Dioxide

      Guest contributor: Lauren Weekes

      What is ETCO2?

      % or partial pressure of carbon dioxide measured somewhere near the mouth at the end of a normal exhalation (hence end tidal, end of tidal volume breath) To get a measurement the following systems need to be functioning: Metabolically active tissue to produce CO2 Circulation & cardiac output to carry that CO2 to the lungs in blood Transfer of CO2...



      Episode 19: Surgical Airway


      The West Midlands surgical skills course offers cadaveric training for PHEM and EM practitioners on rare life saving procedures. Click here to go straight to their page.


      The Guidelines

      Difficult Airway Society 2015 guidelines for management of unanticipated difficult intubation in adults. C. Frerk et al. Difficult Airway Society: Intubation guidelines ...



      Episode 18: The Ventilator Part 2

      Many apologies for the delay in the release of this podcast!

      A second apology is due for the sound quality – it was recorded at a ‘live’ HEMS base – this has led to lots of background noise I am afraid. We have done our best to edit this out / reduce its effect but I’m afraid we are not experts in this area!

      This podcast is part 2 of this series on the ventilator – and you...



      Episode 17: Broken? Impact on the rescuer

      This episode has been compiled over a year – many thanks to our four contributors, who have shared their stories and knowledge. They were interviewed at TraumaCare 2016, TraumaCare 2017 and the BASICS/FPHC Conference 2016.

      If you ever need to talk about the impact of stresses and work experiences on you, please find a friend, colleague, GP, work Occupational Health Service, or one of the charities listed...



      Episode 16: “Blood”


      There is the potential for significant controversy in this month’s episode – and we would really appreciate the feedback of the prehospital community on this one.

      We have held the ‘no clear fluids’ mantra close to our hearts for most of our prehospital careers. We ‘know’ that giving sea water to our patients, and diluting all of blood’s ‘good bits’ can’t be healthy. We believed in permi...



      Episode 15: Paediatric Trauma & How to Do Sim Paediatric Trauma

      TARN report: Severe Injury in Children


      ATACC:The Anaesthesia Trauma and Critical Care course

      Thanks to Mark Forrest (@ObiDoc) for sharing these videos:


      Spurr J, Gatward J, Joshi N, Carley SD. Top 10 (+1) tips to get started with in situ simulation in emergency and critical care departments. EMJ. 2016. Bredmose PP, Habig K, Davies G, Grier G,...



      Episode 14: Thoracotomy


      Details of the surgical skills course mentioned in the podcast can be found here:

      The Sydney HEMS Traumatic Cardiac arrest operating procedure can be viewed on their website, and there are a number of useful references within the document:

      Policies and Procedures

      An excellent ‘how...



      Episode 13: The Ventilator

      Ventilation – a dark art. Difficult to be a master, easy to be average (or terrible)!

      This is “part 1”, which includes some of the basic (and not very basic) concepts behind ventilation.

      We recorded over 60 minutes of excellent content with George – we will post more below as soon as it is edited. .

      Check out Georges powerpoint – its...



      Episode 12: Breaking Bad News

      YouTube videos:

      From the police officer’s perspective:

      From the mother’s perspective:

      The paper about watching resuscitation is this one:

      This is a section taken from the London Ambulance Service clinical bulletin, from 2011, which in...