Physician Assistant Exam Review

We review core medical knowledge on continuous basis in order to prepare you for the PANCE or PANRE.


008 – Hypoparathyroid Review for the PANRE

I still have not registered for my PANRE.  I am in the fifth year of my cycle, and like I recommend to all of you, I should take it at least once this year.  I don’t know if I will, but I should.  I will say studying for this one has been so much more […]


 2012-04-17  11m

007 — Hyperparathyroid Review for the Physician Assistant Preparing for the PANRE

This week I thought we would move into disorders of the parathyroid as we just finished up the thyroid.  If you are interested in a more detailed review of the parathyroid glands I would visit  They do an excellent job over there.


 2012-04-10  15m

006 How Will the New Ten Year PANRE Cycle Affect You?

The NCCPA has officially stated that they are changing the PANRE from a six year cycle to a ten year cycle!  Recertification was first introduced in 1981 and since that time it has always been on a six year cycle.  This is amazing news!


 2012-04-03  14m