Physics Alive

Physics Alive is the podcast where host, Brad Moser, Ph.D., sparks new life into the physics classroom. Each episode supports and shares the many forward-thinking developments that have come from physics education research and inspiring educators. Brad speaks with teachers who employ innovative and active learning styles, researchers on the frontiers of physics education, catalysts for change on important social issues in the STEM community, and students who want the most out of their education.

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episode 21: Physics in the News & Pop Culture with Rhett Allain

Do Angry Birds obey physics principles? How likely is it that two baseballs will collide in mid-air? How realistic are those science hacks in the tv series MacGyver? Are you curious how you can bring current news in science and pop culture as well as fic...


 2021-06-14  49m

episode 20: Getting the Word Out on Education Research with Nick Young

Nick Young is currently a physics education research & computational math and science PhD candidate at Michigan State University. He founded the website PERbites, dedicated to making the results of physics education research meaningful and accessible to ...


 2021-05-28  39m

episode 19: STEM Inclusion and the Spark Science podcast with Regina Barber DeGraaff

Today's Guest   Regina Barber DeGraaff, Senior Lecturer and STEM Inclusion and Outreach Specialist at Western Washington University, doesn’t mince words as we dive into the topic of inclusion. She acknowledges that this can be tough work, but vital as we...


 2021-05-21  48m

episode 18: Reimagining: Final Exam Week

During final exam week, student activities groups across the nation provide experiences that will help reduce student stress. But in this episode, the spotlight is pointed at the high stakes, cumulative exams themselves, and the flurry of late semester a...


 2021-05-07  18m

episode 17: Math Shame and Anxiety

In this episode, I explore the shame and anxiety brought on by math. I think this is widespread experience, from those individuals who struggle to understand “simple” mathematics to those who struggle to understand “complex” mathematics. Sometimes, shame...


 2021-04-30  33m

episode 16: Biological Physics, Scale-Up and Modeling with Dawn Meredith

Dawn Meredith, Professor of Physics at the University of New Hampshire, has been an integral member of the Physics Education Research community since the late 1990’s and she has been a principal investigator on 8 PER grants. In this honest and down to ea...


 2021-03-17  55m

episode 15: Interactive Video and Pivot with Peter Bohacek

Pivot Interactives are complete learning modules for students that are available online. Many of them center on interactive video, which is a video where students can observe an event and then engage with the video by changing variables and taking measur...


 2021-02-17  38m

episode 14: A Meditation for the New Semester

A short guided meditation for the new semester. A call to embody the breath and create distance between common teacher thoughts of expectations, stress, to do lists, perfectionism...and that still quiet place inside of you that already knows everything i...


 2021-01-28  14m

episode 13: Biomimicry in the Classroom – An intersection of physics, engineering, biology, and problem solving

“Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges — and find hope along the way.” This is the introduction on the Biomimicry Institute’s website. “The goal of biomimicry,” they continue,...


 2021-01-25  36m

episode 12: Let's Code Physics with W. Brian Lane

Have you ever wanted to bring coding into your classroom?  Or maybe you’ve introduced some computation, but you want to move to the next level? Let’s go code some physics!  In this episode I talk with W. Brian Lane, the creator of the YouTube channel Let...


 2021-01-18  48m