Physics World Stories Podcast

Physics is full of captivating stories, from ongoing endeavours to explain the cosmos to ingenious innovations that shape the world around us. In the Physics World Stories podcast, Andrew Glester talks to the people behind some of the most intriguing and inspiring scientific stories. Listen to the podcast to hear from a diverse mix of scientists, engineers, artists and other commentators. Find out more about the stories in this podcast by visiting the Physics World website. If you enjoy what you hear, then also check out the Physics World Weekly podcast, a science-news podcast presented by our award-winning science journalists.

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Driving in the present

Exploring the technology and economics of electric cars



Physics and the climate crisis

How can scientists reduce the climate impact of their labs without compromising on the quality of their research? Andrew Glester investigates


 2019-08-16  48m

50th anniversary of Apollo 11 – returning to the Moon and going beyond

The Physics World Stories podcast explore what’s next for manned and robotic space travel


 2019-07-24  29m

50th anniversary of Apollo 11 – hidden stories

The Physics World Stories podcast investigates some of the lesser known stories from the Apollo era


 2019-06-26  53m

The story behind the first ever black hole image

Physics World Stories explores this feat of science and engineering and the EHT’s prospects for further breakthroughs


 2019-05-22  36m

The future of the Internet

Emerging technologies shaping our connected world


 2019-04-23  38m

Physics World 30th anniversary podcast series – 30 years of the World Wide Web

Fifth episode in mini-series revisits the birth of the Web and the challenges it now faces


 2019-03-12  1h0m

Physics World 30th anniversary podcast series – high-temperature superconductivity

Fourth episode in mini-series tracks the hype, frustration and renewed hope for this field


 2019-02-27  30m

Physics World 30th anniversary podcast series – fusion energy

Third episode mini-series explores the prospects for fusion as a viable energy source


 2019-01-22  48m

Physics World Book of the Year 2018

Tune in to the December Physics World Stories podcast to hear from the winner of our 2018 Book of the Year award, as well as catch up with previous winners


 2018-12-17  1h5m