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Physics World Weekly offers a unique insight into the latest news, breakthroughs and innovations from the global scientific community. Our award-winning journalists reveal what has captured their imaginations about the stories in the news this week, which might span anything from quantum physics and astronomy through to materials science, environmental research and policy, and biomedical science and technology. Find out more about the stories in this podcast by visiting the Physics World website. If you enjoy what you hear, then also check out our monthly podcast Physics World Stories, which takes a more in-depth look at a specific theme.

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How the US keeps its nuclear secrets and what it reveals, double anonymous peer review boosts inclusion

In this podcast we meet a historian of nuclear weapons and a scholarly publishing expert



Probing the origins of the universe, using plasmonic tweezers to manipulate tiny objects

In this podcast we meet a nanophotonics expert and a cosmologist



Pondering cosmic mysteries with Paul Davies, tandem solar cells could soon be on your roof

In this podcast the conversation runs from quantum fundamentals to the practicalities to powering the future  



Why fusion power could rely on high-temperature superconductors, China’s ambitious exploration of space

In this podcast we chat about the latest science superpower and magnets for tokamaks 



How to build an artificial brain, future is bright for hybrid perovskite solar cells

In this podcast we also look at the physics of rollercoasters



Surfing, sunscreen and the perfect pizza: the physics of holidays

In this podcast we also chat about a new brain-machine interface and Saturn’s oscillating rings


 2021-08-19  35m

Balloon-borne telescope will ‘weigh’ the universe, remembering John Enderby

In this podcast we celebrate a pioneer of neutron science


 2021-08-12  47m

Physics-themed holidays, meet the next director of the European Spallation Source

In this podcast we also chat about the American Association of Physicists in Medicine virtual meeting


 2021-08-05  54m

Protecting self-driving cars from cosmic rays, size limits for wind farms

This podcast also looks at the latest discovery in twistronics


 2021-07-29  44m

The physics of Olympic sports, searching for continuous gravitational waves

In this podcast we try out an Olympics-inspired quiz and talk to three astrophysicists who are searching for continuous gravitational waves


 2021-07-22  48m