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Nerdy pals Anne and Marcus are coming straight to your ears every other week to talk all things niche and obscure video games! If you like games from Japan, retro oddities, and a dash of anime, this is the podcast for you!


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Chic Pixel Plus Episode 16 – Three Denpa Men and One Bad Segueway Away

Chic Pixel Plus is back after a month absence with everyone’s favorite man in Japan, Elliot Gay! We’ve been keeping ourselves busy, so there’s plenty to talk about. Two and a half hours of things to talk about, in fact! Elliot lives to


 2014-03-14  n/a

Chic Pixel Plus Episode 15 – Anime Boyfriends

Looking back, I’m surprised I made it 15 episodes without naming one of them “Anime Boyfriends.” Well, the time has finally come, and who better to talk about anime boyfriend simulators (aka otome and BL games) with than Amanda Cosmos?


 2014-02-06  n/a

Chic Pixel Plus Episode 14 – Let Me Show You My Totems

Come one, come all, to the first episode of Chic Pixel Plus of 2014! I’m joined by games writer Janine (@bleatingheart) for a special themed episode on all things crafty, cutesy, and figure-y! We cover everything from deco to Re-Ments, Nendoroids t


 2014-01-24  n/a

Chic Pixel Plus Episode 13 – The Year of the PSP

Just in time for Christmas, it’s the first annual Chic Pixel Plus Holiday Special! And a special podcast it is, as I have none other than esteemed game critic Brad Gallaway with me to discuss Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale, monster med


 2013-12-24  n/a

Chic Pixel Plus Episode 12 – Only a Little Insane

We’re all a little mad here on the Chic Pixel Plus podcast! In this more-than-a-little-late episode, I’m joined by dynamite duo Roy and Sarah of My Fair Hunter, Culty, and Asobee fame to chat all about their various creative endeavors along w


 2013-12-13  n/a

Chic Pixel Plus Episode 11 – Elliot’s Dilemma

This week on Chic Pixel Plus, Elliot Gay (@ryougasaotome) makes his triumphant return after 10 long episodes to celebrate the preteen years of the podcast! … Rather, we mostly talk about how he likes to inflict pain upon himself in the form of bad


 2013-11-26  n/a

Chic Pixel Plus Episode 10 – Academia Magica

In the 10th episode of Chic Pixel Plus, it’s 100% more hip nerdy ladies as I’m joined by Alison Rapp (@mnemosynekurai), researcher, product marketing specialist at Treehouse, and self-proclaimed feminist waifu! We chat about our nerdy academi


 2013-11-11  n/a

Chic Pixel Plus Episode 9 – This is (Not) Episode 10

In a fall anime special of Chic Pixel Plus, Shaun makes his triumphant return so we can throw down our first impressions of five new anime: Kill La Kill, Log Horizon, Kyoukai no Kanata, Samurai Flamenco, and BlazBlue Alter Memory. We also briefly discuss


 2013-10-29  n/a

Chic Pixel Plus Episode 8 – The Pixel Bar

This week on Chic Pixel Plus I’m joined by Andrew of The Menu Bar podcast for a very special crossover episode… The Pixel Bar! In honor of The Menu Bar (which I highly recommend if you’re interested in Apple and general tech discussions


 2013-10-06  n/a

Chic Pixel Plus Episode 7 – Bomberman Canon

Why, if it isn’t another episode of Chic Pixel Plus! I bet you were getting worried, huh? Well never fear, both myself and Chic Pixel Plus are alive and well! A bout of a fiendish flu had me out of commission for most of the week, but I’ve fi


 2013-09-29  n/a