Planet B612

Hosted by Julie Laurin, Planet B612 explores the lives and passions of interesting guests such as scientists, artists, historians, and more!

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episode 7: Interview with John Hare: Burrows Forge (Blacksmithing, Falconry)

Interview with John Hare: Burrows Forge (Blacksmith/Falconer)

In this episode, I speak with John Hare of Burrows Forge. John is a blacksmith, falconer, bee-keeper and cigar aficionado! John describes the intimate details of his past, how he overcame challenges in his life, and why he pursued his passions...



episode 6: Interview with Julian White: Gaffer (The Martian, Game of Thrones)

Interview with Julian White: Gaffer/Artist (The Martian, Game of Thrones)

In this episode, I speak with Gaffer and Artist, Julian White. Julian has worked on many Hollywood productions over his lifetime. He talks about light and lighting as a passion, and as a career. We also get a chance to explore Julian’s creative passions, namely in painting and photography...



episode 5: Interview with Peter Soroye (Conservation Biologist)

In this episode, I speak with U of Ottawa PhD candidate Peter Soroye about living in Northern Ontario, the great outdoors and how the bees and the butterflies can tell us a lot about climate change!


  • Peter’s educational background (01:01)
  • The Northern Ontario connection (02:20)
  • Peter’s background with nature (03:24)
  • Growing up in nature influenced Peter’s career choice (04:28)
  • Moving to Ottawa from a rural community...



episode 4: Interview with Marianne Denton (Aquatic Ecologist)

In this episode, I speak with Marianne Denton, an Aquatic Ecologist out of Nevada...



episode 3: Interview with Dr. Melina Luethje

What’s a “Paleolimnologist”?! In this episode, I speak with Dr. Melina Luethje, a recent PhD grad from Nebraska, about paleolimnology, the interesting life of diatoms, and what it’s like to go through grad school.

  • What is ‘paleolimnology’? (0:43)
  • Why Dr...



episode 2: Interview with Ross Mullan: Actor (Game of Thrones, Dr. Who)

In this episode, I speak with Ross Mullan, the OG Whitewalker from Game of Thrones. Also known for his work in Clash of the Titans and Dr. Who, Ross shares with us his story, from early beginnings to what it was like to play the Whitewalker. He also gives some brilliant advice to up-and-coming actors...



Interview with Kelly Brenner (Naturalist)

Learn about nudibranchs, slime molds, and more!


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