Planet Money

The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening.

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#714: Can a Game Show Lose?

Crafting a TV game show is a balancing act. Producers have to carefully calibrate the rules, the drama and the prizes just right. Sometimes they get it way wrong.


 2016-07-27  21m

#576: When Women Stopped Coding

A lot of computing pioneers were women. For decades, the number of women in computer science was growing. But in 1984, something changed.


 2016-07-22  17m

#713: Paying for the Crime

A tale of violence, payback, and how to make things right.


 2016-07-21  25m

#712: I Want My Money Back

Three stories of people getting their money back — or trying to. From a hospital, a scammer, and the ever-exciting global bond market.


 2016-07-16  19m

#711: Hooked on Heroin

Scoring a fix is cheap and today's heroin is strong. But that's just part of the reason why America got hooked. Today on the show, we trace the roots of America's heroin epidemic with a dealer, a user, and a DEA agent.


 2016-07-14  17m

#710: The Brexit Break-Up

Brexit is like a breakup. So today, a divorce story in two acts. We hear from both sides: The people who voted to leave, and the Europeans being left.


 2016-07-09  19m

#575: The Fondue Conspiracy

When you think of cartels, maybe you think of drugs, maybe you think of oil. But what probably doesn't come to mind? Swiss cheese.


 2016-07-06  15m

#709: The Quiet Old Lady Who Whispers "Fair Use"

Where is the line between being inspired by somebody's creative work and stealing it?


 2016-07-01  18m