Plant Ahead

Melanie Barrett, is a holistic nutritionist, life, and health coach that is obsessed with helping women to confidently believe + trust in themselves to create positive change in all avenues of life. When it comes to feeling overwhelmed, being crippled by anxiety, paralyzed by what foods to eat, and how the hell to live a balanced healthy life, she's been through it all and knows that struggle personally. Which is why she has dedicated her life to helping others, just like you, to make this world a better place one mindset shift at a time.

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episode 31: The Shocking Truth about Progress over Perfection

Have you ever created goals and find yourself having a hard time figuring out how to get from point a to z. If so, this episode is for you. We’ll be breaking down limiting beliefs and habits that no longer serve you to help propel you in the direction you need to reach your goals. As you start to release what no longer suits you, you can start creating a newly aligned narrative for yourself.



episode 30: How to get Crystal Clear with your Goals and Purpose

Have you ever been super excited to create some new goals and lose the momentum as fast as it started? It's ok; we've all done it! I want to help give you a blueprint to obtain realistic goals in all categories of life to help you reach the success and happiness you've always desired.



episode 29: The Secret to Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life

Do you feel like you need to take control of all aspects of your life? Trying to control everything can feel like an impossible task to tackle. Letting go of control, we can step into our deepest desire, freedom. Today I'm diving into how easily we can create limiting beliefs that hold us back from living our happiest and healthiest life. I want to help give you your ticket to freedom to live your most authentic life.



episode 28: How To Stop Dieting Once And For All

Are you sick and tired of dieting, having a crap relationship with food, and fear looking in the mirror every day? We struggle to love and be at peace with our bodies and our journey that we call life. I want to help you see what the $70 + billion dieting industry has done to us collectively over the years. I want to break down and debunk what's NOT working, and it's NOT your fault, and how to take massive action into the happiest and healthiest version of yourself...



episode 27: How Hitting Rock Bottom Saved My Life and How It Can Save Yours Too

We all have a story, especially what makes us who we are. I truly believe that we view and see the world from the lens of our experiences. I want to take you guys into a bit of my story and what has led me to the path I walk down today. It's a long, bumpy ride, so put on your seat belt and get ready! I'd also like to introduce a sneak peek into my "strategy and secrets" of how I help clients obtain life-changing transformations, and how you can too!


 2021-05-11  23m

episode 26: How to Transform your Relationship with...

Welcome to season 2 of the Plant Ahead podcast! I'm so excited for this season and all of the intentional knowledge you'll be learning. I'm on a mission to help women understand where society has steered us wrong, why we feel so paralyzed, why we're addicted to so many foods, why we can't lose the undesired weight and understand the dynamics to transform your relationship with food...


 2021-05-04  15m

episode 25: I have BIG NEWS coming your way...

Spring is a time for reflection on our lives and how far we've truly come. I can't believe that I'm 25 episodes into this show. It's been such a pleasure to look back and talk about all the episodes I enjoyed most with you guys. Today's episode marks the end of season 1, and we dive into a season-style show with so much juiciness and intention. JUST FOR YOU! See you guys in a couple of weeks.


 2021-04-13  20m

episode 24: How To Take Charge Of Your Body And Step Into The Best Version Of Yourself With Devin Grindrod

Being a woman living in today's society is met with the demands of constantly pushing ourselves to pure exhaustion at the expense of our sanity. Today I had the honor of having Devin Grindrod on today's episode, and we dive deep into trauma-informed yoga and learning to love and honor being a woman. I loved the conversation Devin and I shared on today's, and I know you will too!


 2021-03-30  38m

episode 23: Warning Signs That You’re Burning The Candle From Both Ends

How many of us are constantly pushing ourselves way beyond our threshold? I'm talking pushing and going till you feel burnt out, resentful, angry, and frustrated. It's crazy how this style of living has become a new normal for many of us. Today I want o help you see if you're burning the candle from both ends and how to stop this behavior in its tracks.


 2021-03-23  23m

episode 22: Holy Crap! Can You Believe It’s Been a Year?

Holy crap, my friends, can you fricking believe that we've come upon the year anniversary of pandemic life? When everything started to shut down, and we all felt this sense of uncertainty, we had no idea what the months following would bring. But here we are, a newer, resilient, and more powerful version of ourselves. Today I wanted to share the incredible lessons and takeaways that my clients and I have learned as we navigated through this bizarre time...


 2021-03-16  23m