Plants and Pipettes

Tegan and Joram explore the world of molecular plant research. How to plants sense their environment? What controls their metabolism? How do they store energy? Come along to an excursion into the very cells of all green things!

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episode 97: You’re wasting your space-nip! – Lettuce Opium, Dinosaurs, Fairy Lanterns

We’re back from the summer break. If you had guessed that we will be more on point, less rambly and more focussed on plants after our break I have to ask: do you even know us? Anyway, we have cool science facts and not a single cut in the entire episode.


 2021-07-16  1h18m

episode 96: Derp – Social Ferns, Salty Greens, Dark Biofilms

Fly like a lemur, sting like an ant in a crow, as my late grandfather used to say to me before I was born. With that in mind, let’s talk about some plant facts. We have new organs, delicious salty plants and a first of its kind almost-social fern.


 2021-06-18  1h28m

episode 95: Don’t do Chromothripsis, kids! – Epigenetics, NPAAs, quick fixes

I said hey, what’s going on? We’re more or less vaxxed, we’re excited about summer and we’re bringing plant facts! We’re diving deep into epigenetics, discuss climate fixes and talk for a surprisingly long time about marsupial genitalia. The usual.


 2021-06-11  1h5m

episode 94: A new hope – monkey puzzles, pride month, sleight of beak

We are very hopeful this week that many bad things will come to an end. Also, we talk about a spiky favourite tree, lots of pride in STEM and many other cool things.


 2021-06-04  1h11m

episode 93: Udder industry is angry – Proximity proteomics, cactus trafficking, graphene confusion

Big udder won’t like this episode – not specifically because we said anything but mostly because they are a joyless bundle of cow farts. In this brand new and highly sought-after episode, we are discussing proximity proteomics, global earthworm abundance.


 2021-05-28  1h27m

episode 92: Dung is the correct place to be – reflective moss, Mark Spencer, beautiful plants This week, we’re going cave diving. Not too deep though, we still need a little bit of light to find a moss. We also talk plant forensics and about the cooles news in plant

This week, we’re going cave diving. Not too deep though, we still need a little bit of light to find a moss. We also talk plant forensics and about the cooles news in plant science.


 2021-05-21  1h26m

episode 91: At the carp waterpark – biosensors, tracking carp, pseudopollen

Oh Carp! Is it a new week already? We have another episode for you, this time talking about priming in maize, biosensors and carp science! Do you know whether carp can hear music? Tell us. We need to know.


 2021-05-14  1h30m

episode 90: Power Plants – Vegetable Sheep, Joanne Chory, Microneedles

A new episode is here! We’re talking about a sheep made of vegetables in the mountains, microneedles on plant leaves and the amazin work of Joanne Chory.


 2021-05-07  1h26m

episode 89: Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut – new blue food dye, learnings from COVID, parsnip burns

We’re blue, da ba dee, da ba dye – Our sauerkraut senses were tingling when we read today’s science story about a blue dye made from cabbage. Also: something we can learn from the pandemic and how to get burned by parsnips.


 2021-04-30  1h9m

episode 88: CAPE FASHION – hipster coffee, Beronda Montgomery, SciComm for PlantSci

Your favourite tools are back to talk about some great science tools: a 28-page guide book for SciComm, DIY microscopes and the best AI-crafted pickup lines this side of the Mississippi. Also some actual plant science.


 2021-04-23  1h27m