Plants and Pipettes

Tegan and Joram explore the world of molecular plant research. How to plants sense their environment? What controls their metabolism? How do they store energy? Come along to an excursion into the very cells of all green things!

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episode 124: Hey tree, are you my friend?

Hi! Would you like some cool plant facts? We have a fresh new paper about biofortified tomatoes that give you your daily dose of vitamin D, a new oldest tree and an explanation of why catnip likes to be a cat bed.


 2022-06-17  1h0m

episode 123: Cat bartering market

Would you swap your cat for a praying mantis? What about a nice house plant? This week, we are asking the big questions. Also news from plant science, a new biggest plant has been found and more potent cannabis from Israel.


 2022-06-03  58m

episode 122: Don’t pick the penis plants

This week, we’re talking about a cool gene regulatory mechanism that keeps ribosomes busy, the truth behind French lillies and which plants best not to pick.


 2022-05-20  55m

episode 121: Let’s find a moon tree

It’s travel season here at Plants and Pipettes and so we thought we’d share some travel facts from the plant world! How do plants travel? Is collecting trees cool? How does humidity propel seeds forward? We have the answers.


 2022-05-13  51m

episode 120: And by cats I mean dogs

This week, we’re talking about the worst favourite plant ever, keystone genes and how surfers can be scientists. Also: your dog’s breed doesn’t mean what you think it means.


 2022-05-06  1h5m

episode 119: A cat gap in the resumé

Mysteriously we came back yet again for more plant facts. This week, we’re checking a plant’s pores, take about unextinct flowers and why some plants eat the very insects that pollinate them.


 2022-04-29  1h2m

episode 118: Eggplants and Pipettes

It’s our belated easter episode! We talk about the Queen of Vegetables, the mighty eggplant. We filled almost an hour with eggplant facts, factoids and words that merely resemble a fact from a distance.


 2022-04-19  57m

episode 117: COWpeaMILK – it’s full of plantibodies!

We finally found a way to market non-dairy milk as milk without upsetting any consumer or dairy company: cowpea milk. Plus: we discuss plantibodies, micronutrients and, weirdly enough, ocelot pee.


 2022-04-09  1h0m

episode 116: WHY IS THE DOG IN THE GREENHOUSE? (and where does the bee keep his oils?)

We begin this week with a looooong discussion about the movie “Little Joe”. It’s fun (talking about the movie, not the movie itself. Don’t watch it). Also we have new research about epimutagenesis, grain-free ice cream and the benefits of weeds.


 2022-04-01  1h7m

episode 115: Stranger to the trees – an interview with Kat Austen

Kat Austen is an artist and researcher based in Berlin. Kat was so kind to talk to us about her work about microplastics in trees, her view on science and art and her upcoming projects. Welcome to Plants and Pipettes: Kat Austen!


 2022-03-25  1h5m