Plants and Pipettes

Tegan and Joram explore the world of molecular plant research. How to plants sense their environment? What controls their metabolism? How do they store energy? Come along to an excursion into the very cells of all green things!

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episode 114: (Stop) trying to make photoaerogens happen, it’s not going to happen

Have you heard of fynbos? This week, we discuss how the fynbos ecosystem withstands turning into a forest, what problems arise from academic bullying and why you’d pump nectar out of a flower.


 2022-03-11  1h19m

episode 113: Dinosaurs in car parks

Joram is sick again but it won’t stop us from talking about plants. This time, it’s more plant adjacent: we’re talking about a weird new way some bacteria do photosynthesis. Also lots of clever animals and a tale of paleobotanical experiments.


 2022-02-26  54m

episode 112: Giggle Peas

In this episode, Joram learns about wuthering heights and Tegan learns why chickpeas are believed to giggle in Germany. Also there is talk about red nectar, flammable litter and really old trees.


 2022-02-18  1h11m

episode 111: Neptune (fountain architect)

This week, we’re talking about the link between the constructor of fountains, Neptune, and a small seagrass in the Mediterranean sea. Also more on X-ray microscopy and a discussion on who deserves to be on the author list (it’s Joram).


 2022-02-14  57m

episode 110: Some rings attached to some bits

Hi! Heads up, there is a long spoiler for Don’t look up at the beginning. Did you know that we have chapters to quickly skip ahead? Now you do. Also, we talk about a very poisonous plant and how to move owls!


 2022-02-11  58m

episode 109: The abominable mystery of Wolverine’s claws

We all have goals this year. Joram’s goal is to befriend a crow, but only if Tegan doesn’t stab him with her fantastically hard claws first. Yes, this is a plant podcast, we promise.


 2022-01-28  1h6m

episode 108: Plants and Mycelium – how plants and fungi work together

We just read “Entangled Life” by Merlin Sheldrake and now we’re considering turning this little show into a fungal podcast. Before that happens, here is an episode of all things we love about fungi and plants together.


 2022-01-22  1h15m

episode 107: Angiosperm Terrestrial Revolution (band) – All Flesh Tomato, Oxygen Generating Archaea, Biophony

And we’re back from the winter/summer break/non-break. We are talking about a perfect tomato, smoke smelling trees and the science of listening to the environment.


 2022-01-14  1h8m

episode 106: Day 24 – Merry Christmas

A new door is open on our podcast advent calendar! Every day we bring you a short story about a festive plant.


 2021-12-24  2m

episode 106: Day 23 – Baby, it's cold outside

A new door is open on our podcast advent calendar! Every day we bring you a short story about a festive plant.


 2021-12-23  9m