PlayWrite - The video game idea podcast

A weekly creative video game idea workshop between hosts Ryan Hamann, and Ryan Quintal, and the Play;Write community. Play;Write is a podcast about creating and sharing new ways to play. Each week, new ideas for new video experiences to bring to life. A proud part of the Cane and Rinse Network. Visit or email to share your idea today!

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episode 207: PlayWrite 207 - NSFW, Finals, Pareidolia

Slide around NFC chips, go to battle royale school, and best the photo recognition algorithm.


 2021-07-15  40m

episode 206: PlayWrite 206 - Beautiful Ride, A Link between Words, Dewey Decimate, Heart Defense, Mushroom Kingdom Revolution, City of Trade, Arkanoidvania

Work together to solve problems, have a wizard duel, have a literary fight, discover Nintendo's take on Civilization, build a kingdom as a citizen, and go on a minimalist arcade adventure.


 2021-06-17  1h18m

episode 205: PlayWrite 205 - Sandbagged, Lunch Crunch, Time Flies

Manage a TV show taping, deliver food, and race aircraft through time.


 2021-06-10  54m

episode 204: PlayWrite 204 - Casting Quest, BuilderDash, Time's Arrow

Play tabletop games with celebrities, build collaboratively, and create a time-warped shooter.


 2021-06-03  58m

episode 203: PlayWrite 203 - Riddle Me This, Sine Rider, Almighty Academy

Become serial killers, learn how to create chiptune music, and go to school with the gods.


 2021-05-27  55m

episode 202: PlayWrite 202 - Laces Off, Time after Time, Memory Lane

Have a parkour race, inadvertently travel through time, and become memory.


 2021-05-20  1h0m

episode 201: PlayWrite 201 - Battlestar: Caprica Outcasts, Flashpoint, Geriatric Park

Enter the world of Battlestar Galactica, resolve scenes in extreme slow-motion, and run a nursing home


 2021-05-13  49m

episode 200: PlayWrite 200 - The 100 Pitch Challenge

Ryan Hamann and Ryan Quintal wring their brains of any remaining creativity by forcing themselves to come up with a collective 100 pitches all in one show. It's a fast-paced pitch-off. Can the two Ryans maintain creativity and sanity all the way to the end?


 2021-05-06  1h27m

episode 199: PlayWrite 199 - Hope's Hollow, CT2077, Rondo Encounter

Protect a group of people during a supernatural apocalypse, own a rideshare business, and devise a rhythm-action roguelike.


 2021-04-29  55m

episode 198: PlayWrite 198 - Hole in the Wall, Pinstripe, Crops Corps

Shatter through a destructible shooter environment, control a bowling-themed mafia family, and program a robotic farm.


 2021-04-22  47m