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“Pod Save America” cohost Tommy Vietor thought foreign policy was boring and complicated until he got the education of a lifetime working for President Obama’s National Security Council. On “Pod Save the World,” he and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes break down the latest developments and bring you behind the scenes with the people who were there. New episodes every Wednesday.


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Is prosecuting presidents a good idea?

Tommy and Ben are joined by Crooked contributor Max Fisher for a segment to discuss a possible Trump indictment and how common presidential prosecutions are around the world. Then Ben and Tommy cover Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trip to Moscow, the retirement age in France, the global implications of the SVB collapse, new reporting on Ron DeSantis and his involvement in  Guantanamo Bay, and the latest coronavirus origin theory...



20 years after the invasion of Iraq

Ben and Tommy record a bonus episode to mark the 20-year anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq to try and answer the question: how did the Iraq war change America and the world? They’re joined by journalist and Iraq war supporter turned vocal opponent Peter Beinart, and Congressman and Iraq war veteran Ruben Gallego.



China’s Iran Deal

Tommy and Ben talk about China brokering a deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Saudi Arabia’s wish list to “normalize” relations with Israel, protests of Netanyahu’s changes to Israel’s judicial system, the BBC, soccer and free speech, new reports about who sabotaged the Nord Steam gas pipeline, the president of Mexico’s bizarre press conference, momentum behind banning TikTok, and Canada’s stance on flipping the bird. Then, Tommy interviews Welcome...



Who is poisoning girls in Iran?

Tommy and Ben discuss the suspected poisoning of Iranian schoolgirls, new intel on Havana syndrome, the case for dismantling the DHS, potential Chinese election interference in Canada, South Korea’s plan to end their forced labor dispute with Japan, the deadly battle for Bakhmut in Ukraine, the worlds greatest wine heist in Spain, and another questionable summit in the UAE...



Will China arm Putin?

Tommy and Ben discuss changes to Mexico’s electoral system, the botched presidential election in Nigeria, Jill Biden’s trip to Africa, new intelligence about the covid lab leak theory, a Brexit breakthrough, more detail on China potentially selling arms to Russia and Europe’s pitch for a potential defense pact and peace deal, the World Bank, and Biden’s immigration policy...



One year of war in Ukraine

Tommy and Ben look back on a year of war in Ukraine and discuss what people got wrong, lessons learned, and where things stand today...


 2023-02-24  1h40m

Biden goes to Ukraine

Tommy and Ben discuss Biden’s surprise trip to Ukraine, Putin’s decision to suspend participation in the New START treaty, the administration’s warnings against providing military support to Russia, the latest on spy balloons, Scotland’s First Minister resigns, near weapons-grade uranium found in Iran, Israeli hackers exposed for meddling in dozens of elections, another deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Mike Pompeo’s embarrassing “best seller”, and AI bots going off the rails...


 2023-02-22  1h25m

Alien Balloon Invasion

Ben and Tommy talk about Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu’s attack on Israel’s judicial system, the ongoing US war against Chinese balloons and UFOs, Kim Jong Un’s likely successor, Saudi influence peddling, the latest in Ukraine as we approach the one year anniversary of Russia’s invasion, potential Cuba policy changes, India’s Prime Minister Modi raiding the BBC, and Melania Trump’s unexpected visit to the Situation Room...


 2023-02-15  1h20m

InflateGate: Biden vs Balloon

Tommy and Ben talk about Balloon-gate, Biden’s State of the Union address, the latest in Ukraine, the deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria and how to help, Pope Francis denouncing anti-gay laws, and gang violence in Haiti. Then, Ben talks with Rep. Ilhan Omar about her recent removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the message it sends globally.


 2023-02-08  1h18m

Israel attacks Iran

Tommy and Ben talk about an Israeli drone attack in Iran, Tony Blinken’s meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, Ukraine’s requests for F-16 fighter jets, Putin’s bizarre threat towards Boris Johnson, the latest on Biden’s documents, deadly protests in Peru, Bolsonaro’s request for a US visa, and the Saudi LIV tour’s deal with Trump...


 2023-02-01  1h23m