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“Pod Save America” cohost Tommy Vietor thought foreign policy was boring and complicated until he got the education of a lifetime working for President Obama’s National Security Council. On “Pod Save the World,” he and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes break down the latest developments and bring you behind the scenes with the people who were there. New episodes every Wednesday.


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The British PM vs a head of lettuce

Ben and Tommy cover the latest from Ukraine, the ongoing disaster that is the Liz Truss-led Tory government in the UK, how former US military officials are making big money in Saudi Arabia, China’s party congress, the Iran protests, BTS joins the military, Biden’s surprising new proposals on Venezuela and Haiti, and some comedy via Bob Woodward and Jared Kushner...


 2022-10-19  1h19m

World Corrupt Episode 2: “The Most Corrupt Thing I’ve Ever Seen”

Roger and Tommy dig into the history of FIFA, the governing body of international football, and trace FIFA's long history of corruption up to the moment they awarded the World Cup tournaments to Russia and Qatar. Tariq Panja of The New York Times shares insight into how FIFA operates and former Justice Department official Matt Miller recounts the misconduct he witnessed firsthand at a World Cup bid.


 2022-10-15  41m

Chinese Communist Party Coachella

Tommy and Ben cover the latest from the war in Ukraine, including the bombing of a Russian bridge to Crimea and Russia’s response, the latest on the protests in Iran, why an OPEC decision is leading the US to rethink the US-Saudi partnership, how British PM Liz Truss is making history and waging war on podcasters, why Elon Musk will not shut up and some scandal updates. Then Ben talks with former Australian PM Kevin Rudd about the upcoming Chinese Communist Party leadership conference.


 2022-10-12  1h25m

World Corrupt Episode 1: A Toxic Love Affair between Politics and Sports

This fall, when the eyes of the world turn towards Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, a shadow looms over the tournament, which is one of the most watched events in the world. The sports landscape being co-opted for geo-political and corporate gain is nothing new, but this year's iteration of football's biggest competition may be the most expensive example to date...


 2022-10-08  47m

Fighting for freedom in Iran

Tommy and Ben discuss the latest news out of Ukraine, including the increasingly vocal criticism of the war effort from Putin’s allies and talk of nuclear weapons use. Then they cover the election results in Brazil, prisoner releases, trickle down economics get humiliated in the UK, a coup in Burkina Faso, and shorter updates from around the world...


 2022-10-05  1h23m

World Corrupt: Coming October 8th

Soccer is a game which has often been called “the world’s most important least important thing...


 2022-09-30  3m

Fighting fascists with Bernie Sanders

Ben and Tommy talk about the new right-wing government in Italy, the growing protests in Iran, Russia’s troop mobilization and sham referendums in eastern Ukraine, new British PM Liz Truss nearly tanks global markets, Jared Kushner gets a big boy award, the latest on the Mar-a-Lago documents saga, Cuba, NASA and the CIA starts a podcast. Then Ben talks with Senator Bernie Sanders about the upcoming elections in Brazil.


 2022-09-28  1h13m

How Russia could lose the war

Tommy and Ben talk about reports about Russian intelligence and misinformation operations abroad, Biden on Taiwan, El Salvador and US policy towards Central America, the Queen’s funeral, Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Armenia, protests in Iran, how the EU might punish Hungary, the Saudi golf tour hires a lobbyist, and the scandal rocking the international chess world...


 2022-09-21  1h21m

Ukraine's shocking counteroffensive

Tommy and Ben cover the successful Ukrainian military counteroffensive, what it means for Zelensky and Putin and the next phase of the war. They also discuss the rise of a far-right party in Sweden, the latest news about the Queen of England’s funeral, famine in east Africa, Biden and refugees and why Obama yelled at Steph Curry about the moon landing. Then Tommy interviews US Trade Representative Katherine Tai about China, Taiwan, and how to make voters believe free trade will help them.


 2022-09-14  1h15m

The life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

In this bonus episode, Tommy and Ben discuss the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II. Then Ben is joined by historian Dan Snow to dig deeper into the Queen’s place in British history.


 2022-09-10  1h4m