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The weekly podcast about the Python programming language, its ecosystem, and its community. Tune in for engaging, educational, and technical discussions about the broad range of industries, individuals, and applications that rely on Python.

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episode 311: Teaching Geeks The Value And Skills Of Public Speaking

An interview with Neil Thompson about the benefits of public speaking as an engineer and how to gain the skills to be effective at it.



episode 310: Let The Robots Do The Work Using Robotic Process Automation with Robocorp

An interview about how Robocorp is building and supporting tools for robotic process automation in Python to make it easier to cut down on menial tasks on the computer and let the robots do the work.



episode 309: Keep Your Code Clean And Maintainable Using Static Analysis With Flake8

An interview about the Flake8 static analysis framework for Python and how you can use it to keep your code clean and maintainable



episode 308: Make Your Code More Readable With The Magic Of Refactoring Using Sourcery

An interview about the benefits of refactoring your code for clarity and ease of understanding and how Sourcery can help make it a habit.



episode 307: Be Data Driven At Any Scale With Superset

An interview about the Superset platform for data exploration and how it supports organizations in being data driven



episode 306: Practical Advice On Using Python To Power A Business

An interview with Chris Moffitt about his work on the Practical Business Python site and his experiences using and teaching Python for automating business processes.


 2021-03-16  49m

episode 305: Analyzing The Ecosystem of Python Data Companies With Tony Liu

An interview with Tony Liu of Costanoa Ventures about his perspective on the growth of Python in the landscape of data science companies.


 2021-03-09  39m

episode 304: Go From Notebook To Pipeline For Your Data Science Projects With Orchest

An interview about the Orchest IDE built for data science and how it enables you to combine your notebooks into a data pipeline


 2021-03-02  44m

episode 303: Write Your Python Scripts In A Flow Based Visual Editor With Ryven

An interview about the Ryven project for flow-based visual scripting in Python and how it can be used to change the way that you think about your program design.


 2021-02-23  47m

episode 302: CrossHair: Your Automatic Pair Programmer

An interview about how the CrossHair tool helps you to define constraints for your programs and then find examples of when they are invalid.


 2021-02-16  n/a