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The weekly podcast about the Python programming language, its ecosystem, and its community. Tune in for engaging, educational, and technical discussions about the broad range of industries, individuals, and applications that rely on Python.

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episode 378: Catching Up With Pyre, A Fast Type Checker For Python

An interview with Shannon Zhu about the Pyre project, and how to decide which type checker is right for you



episode 377: Standardizing On Python For All Software Projects At

An interview with Sean Knapp, CEO and co-founder of Ascend, about his experiences aligning all development to use Python to increase developer productivity.



episode 376: Exploring The Process And Practice Of Building Better Software Through Code Reviews

An interview with On Freund about the benefits of code review for software teams and how to incorporate it into your development practice in a positive and productive manner.



episode 375: Ship With Confidence By Automating Quality Assurance

An interview with Jonathon Wright about the challenges of quality assurance in modern software development and how automation can reduce the burden for everyone.



episode 374: Remove Roadblocks And Let Your Developers Ship Faster With Self-Serve Infrastructure

An interview with Ronak Rahman, head of developer relations at Quali, about the benefits of providing self-serve access to infrastructure for your developers so that your teams can build and ship faster without unnecessary friction.


 2022-08-14  1h1m

episode 373: The Benefits Of Python And Django For Going From Zero To MVP At Speed

An interview with Tony Pavlovych of PLANEKS about the lessons that he and his team have learned building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for startups with Python and Django and how to test your startup's ideas


 2022-08-01  47m

episode 372: Powering The Next Generation Of Application Architectures With Web Assembly And The Fermyon Platform

Application architectures have been in a constant state of evolution as new infrastructure capabilities are introduced. Virtualization, cloud, containers, mobile, and now web assembly have each introduced new options for how to build and deploy software. Recognizing the transformative potential of web assembly, Matt Butcher and his team at Fermyon are investing in tooling and services to improve the developer experience...


 2022-07-25  n/a

episode 371: Gain A Deeper Understanding Of What Your Code Is Doing And Where It Spends Its Time With VizTracer

An interview with Tian Gao about the open source VizTracer project and how it grants you a deeper understanding of what your code is doing and what takes the most time through a combination of profiling and intuitive visualization


 2022-07-18  48m

episode 370: Stream Processing In Real Time And At Scale In Pure Python With Bytewax

An interview with Zander Matheson about the open source Bytewax framework for scalable real-time stream processing in pure Python


 2022-07-11  42m

episode 369: Tetra: A Full Stack Web Framework That Doesn't Make You Write Everything Twice

An interview with Sam Willis about his work on the Tetra framework for easily building full stack web apps in Django without having to wrestle with a separate Javascript project and all of the complexity that it brings.


 2022-07-03  n/a