Podcast – Mindfully Ashley

Interviews with inspirational people about their stories and journeys, diving deep into their lives, their insights, and their perspectives, talking about a wide variety of topics including mindfulness, positivity, spirituality, holistic health, the power of thought, overcoming struggles, dealing with illness, personal growth, purpose, inner power, and more! Show notes for each episode can be found at mindfullyashley.com/show




      036 | Lauren Toyota on Transitioning From Television to YouTube, “Breaking All the Rules” of Veganism, and More!

      Lauren Toyota is a former MuchMusic VJ who is now making her name for herself in the YouTube world. Her personal channel, Lauren Toyota, has over 128,000 subscribers, and her vegan cooking channel hotforfood that she runs with her boyfriend John, has over 250,000. Lauren and John are passionate about “making vegan look hot” and ...



      035 | Ashley Hall on Creating From a Place of Love, Letting Her Art Become What It’s Supposed To Be, and More!

      Ashley Hall is an amazing artist who creates beautiful wood burned mandalas, painted rocks, and much more! She recently created a fruit and vegetable mandala in collaboration with @vegetaryn on Instagram and is in the process of creating multiple state mandala prints to release. (Sorry about the imbalance of sound in some parts) Show Notes: ...



      034 | Jenna Galbut on Moving From Fear to Freedom, Trusting Your Intuition, Growing Through Challenges, and More!

      Jenna Galbut is a transformational guide, inspirational writer, spiritual life coach, passionate entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Show Notes: Jenna’s earliest memory and the vivid vision that had a huge impact on her understanding of life Why “death” was never a scary concept to her Her experience being diagnosed with multiple disorders at a very young ...



      033 | Lauren Tatarchuk on Transitioning From Chronic Dis-Ease to Conscious Bliss, How Unhealed Emotional Trauma Can Influence Our Lives, and More!

      Lauren Tatarchuk is a natural health practitioner specializing in biofeedback who has gone from chronic dis-ease to conscious bliss. She shares stories, wisdom, thoughts, things she’s learned, and how she’s healed herself so others can heal themselves too. Show Notes: Lauren’s experience living with chronic diseases from a very young age Why she hid being sick for ...



      032 | Rin Dawson of “Papered Thoughts” on Painting Rocks, Healing Through Creativity, Spreading Good Vibes, and More!

      Rin Dawson is a 20 something living and loving in Sydney, Australia. Preschool teacher by day and cultivator of creative chaos by night, Rin’s world is filled with color and imagination and has been for as long as she can remember. A self-confessed hopeless romantic who collects airmail etiquettes and stranger’s stories, love letters and kind ...



      031 | George Peterson on Overcoming Heroin Addiction, Transforming His Life Through Meditation, and More!

      George Peterson is a 27-year-old from San Diego, California who now resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He got into partying at a very early age and ended up picking up heroin for the first time at age 15. He made many attempts to get sober starting at age 18 but didn’t find success until August ...



      030 | Richard Kuo on Becoming a Motivational Speaker, Using His Self-Esteem Issues as a Way to Inspire Others, and More!

      Richard Kuo is a youth inspirational speaker who has been featured by TEDx and is also a finale winner on the CBS hit game show The Price is Right. Richard lived most of his childhood with low self-esteem due to being told he was “overweight, unintelligent and a good-for-nothing child,” but he was able to ...



      029 | Maddy Moon on Her Struggle with Orthorexia, Reaching a Place of Body Freedom, and More!

      Maddy Moon is a former fitness competitor turned social entrepreneur and body image coach who helps her clients make transformational shifts in their lives and never stress about their diets or exercise again. She is also the host of a wonderful podcast called Mind Body Musings and has written several books. Show Notes: Maddy’s experience dealing ...



      028 | Nikki Taddei on Yoga as a Spiritual Practice, Working Through Fear, and More!

      Nikki Taddei is a full-time yoga instructor currently living in Nashville, TN. She has a degree in Vocal Performance and is a singer/songwriter. Recently, she started coaching clients on life/spiritual work after doing much of it herself on a daily basis to release all that was blocking her. Show Notes: Nikki’s experience as a yoga ...



      027 | Jessica Bean on Living With Cystic Fibrosis, Why Health is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Answer, and More!

      Jessica Bean is an inspirational health and wellness coach, blogger, and public speaker who supports young women living with illness to become advocates for their own health and happiness. At 21 years old, she was told she would need a double-lung transplant as a result of the genetic condition Cystic Fibrosis. Instead of getting the ...