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      Comedian Azhar Usman interview with music by Indie Electronica Band Unknower - Ep. 0023

      Comedian Azhar Usman performing at the Desi Comedy Fest talks about:
      - [4:17] finding out he's made it on the Celebrity Pronuncopedia YouTube Channel
      - [5:11] why CNN and Fox News, who can't agree on anything, both think he's a funny Muslim
      - [5:46] how he met Donald Trump at the Fox News studios in the Celebrity Apprentice days
      - [7:35] his thoughts on Donald Trump then and now, the media, fake news and conspiracies
      - [12:35] being a former attorney and why he made...



      Comedian & Host Samson Koletkar from the Desi Comedy Fest with music by Hip Hop/R&B Artist TPT - Ep. 0022

      Comedian & Host Samson Koletkar from the Desi Comedy Fest talks about:
      - [2:53] why he's known as "Mahatma Moses"
      - [3:45] when why he got his Master's Degree in Computer Software
      - [5:24] when and why he turned to the comedy stage
      - [7:11] being a headliner on the "You're Funny But You Don't Look Jewish" tour
      - [12:36] founding the comedy club Comedy Oakland
      - [12:44] being #1 on Yelp's "The Best 10 Comedy Clubs in San Francisco Bay Area" list



      Voice-over Actor Brooks Moore from How It’s Made on The Science Channel with music by Soul/Pop Artist Jordan Sleed - Ep. 0021

      Voice-over Actor Brooks Moore talks about:
      - [6:06] how he got his start with "How It's Made" on The Science Channel
      - [9:46] how he wasn't the only one to voice one of the greatest shows on TV
      - [12:43] the process he goes through in recording each episode segment
      - [15:26] if any of his recordings have even been rejected
      - [18:47] what he thinks of my favorite segments Artificial Eyes, Robotic Arms & Anatomical Models
      - [21:42] why he thinks each season of...



      Entertainer & Host Jeff Civillico interview with music by Reggae Artist Presto Magic - Ep. 0020

      Entertainer & Host Jeff Civillico talks about:
      - [8:50] what came first, the juggling or the comedy, spoiler alert, turns out the philanthropy
      - [10:05] how old he was when he started entertaining and why
      - [11:52] his Las Vegas show "Comedy In Action"
      - [12:36] why he's calling in from Costa Rica, lucky bastard
      - [15:37] how he keeps it a one-man clean comedy show
      - [17:43] using a shake weight, yup, shake weight, in his performance and why
      - [21:20]...



      Comedian, Host & Musician Phil Johnson interview with music by his Comedic Band Roadside Attraction - Ep. 0019

      Comedian Phil Johnson talks about:
      - [6:32] his Comedic Band Roadside Attraction and when they play together
      - [7:18] how being a musician came before being a comedian
      - [12:17] his YouTube videos where he breaks down his songs
      - [15:05] his pirate-themed podcast "Under The Crossbones", guests he's had on and his upcoming 100th episode
      - [19:30] his being often being mistaken for a woman from behind
      - [25:45] his upcoming 4th comedy album and how he goes about...



      Comedian & Host Paul PK Kim interview with music by Country/Pop Artist Katie Belle - Ep. 0018

      Comedian Paul PK Kim talks about:
      - when he started performing stand up and how he got into it
      - the Laugh Factory in Hollywood being his home club
      - who he pisses off with his Asian humor
      - if he agrees with the statement "President Trump is good for comedy."
      - his own podcast "The PK Comedy Podcast" and interviewing Margaret Cho
      - the non-profit organization "Kollaboration" he started back in 2000
      - knowing a lot of other Paul Kims and even the one in...



      Actor Adam Herschman from the movie Zen Dog with music by World Pop Band Baha Men - Ep. 0017

      Actor Adam Herschman talks about:
      - playing Glen in the 2006 comedy "Accepted"
      - playing Brad in a short film called "How to Survive a Breakup" in 2015 (the film was written by #PodCastOf1000sFamily members Deena Adar & Kai Collins)
      - the movie "Zen Dog" which we saw at the Newport Beach Film Festival
      - playing Dwayne in "Zen Dog" and how he helps the character Reed (Mud), played by Kyle Gallner
      - working with the writer and director of "Zen Dog", Rick...



      Musician Jake Aldridge interview with his very own Hip Hop/R&B/Pop music - Ep. 0016

      Musician Jake Aldridge talks about:
      - how old he was when he got into music
      - his musical inspiration Tupac Shakur
      - how he takes his thoughts and turns them into songs
      - his new song "Fireman", featuring Lisa Ambrose, and plays his part live for us
      - how special turning his songs into music videos is to him
      - his response to a fan question from Duchess Lane
        Then we quiz Jake to find out how smart musicians that work with mixing engineers are.   We also p...



      Texas Champion Wrestler Rex Andrews from Reality of Wrestling with music by Trip Hop Band Mellowtone - Ep. 0015

      Texas Champion Wrestler Rex Andrews talks about:
      - when and why he got into wrestling
      - who his wrestling heroes are
      - how he got started with Booker T and Reality of Wrestling in Texas
      - what his goal of "collecting arms" means
      - what the worst time he felt he hurt someone in the ring
      - giving me some pointers on my likelihood of getting into wrestling   Then we find out how smart a Wrestling Champion is by asking questions about medical terms for common ...



      Actor, Producer & Writer Larry Dorf from Nobodies on TV Land with music by R&B Artist Glancy Kelly - Ep. 0014

      Actor, Producer & Writer Larry Dorf talks about his time with the Groundlings, other successful comedians & actors he came up with at the Groundlings like Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone who are also the executive producers of Nobodies on TV Land, his costars Hugh Davidson and Rachel Ramras and how they came up with ideas for Nobodies, what it's like playing yourself as a character that has written lines, being a writer and voiceover actor on Mike Tyson Mysteries and how they...