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      episode 317: Comedian Cory Kahaney interview with music by Hip Hop Artist Tia P. - Ep. 0036

      Comedian Cory Kahaney talks about:
      - [7:05] why Jews are so funny
      - [8:54] all the Late Night appearances she's made before ours
      - [10:20] who her favorite Late Night host is
      - [12:18] Comedian Kathy Griffin and her dilemma
      - [14:55] the New York comedy scene
      - [17:44] what's it like to be on America's Got Talent as a seasoned comedienne
      - [22:03] why she was afraid to do the Howard Stern Show in its heyday
      - [23:37] the latest news with Trump's "Fox & Friends"...


       2018-04-02  38m

      episode 306: Comedian Adam Grabowski interview with music by Rock Band The Extended Play - Ep. 0035

      Comedian Adam Grabowski talks about:
      - [9:24] how he got started in started in stand-up and why
      - [10:10] how he likes performing at colleges (over 600 so far)
      - [12:28] how his performances have taken him to 47 states
      - [14:18] his good friend, and #PodCastOf1000sFamily member, Comedian Jacob Williams
      - [16:29] the high and multiple lows of his America's Got Talent appearances
      - [18:11] what it's like to have a "You Don't Have To Watch Party"
      - [19:41] reality ...


       2018-03-19  53m

      episode 281: Competitive Eater Crazy Legs Conti interview with music by Electronic Artist Aria Nichols - Ep. 0034

      Competitive Eater Crazy Legs Conti talks about:
      - [8:29] how competitive eating is a sport
      - [9:12] why, and how, he got in to competitive eating
      - [12:59] some of the records he's held, and currently holds, eating accomplishments
      - [15:10] his film "Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating" came to be
      - [20:22] if he's ever done an event eating things you shouldn’t eat
      - [21:36] the latest news around healthy leaving specifically in his sport
      - [23:20] how much time is s...


       2018-02-25  37m

      episode 267: Actor & Producer Selah Victor interview with music by Rock Artist Derek Jordan - Ep. 0033

      Actor & Producer Selah Victor talks about:
      - [3:14] growing up with 7 siblings
      - [3:56] performing at a young age
      - [7:52] spending a year aboard in the UK during college
      - [11:55] moving to Los Angeles and her first film
      - [13:35] her roles as the public breastfeeder in Bad Santa 2 & Teachers
      - [15:33] working with The Katydids and #PodCastOf1000sFamily member Caitlin Barlow
      - [16:59] the latest news about the #MeToo movement and her story
      - [22:43] whether...


       2018-02-12  n/a

      episode 253: Comedian Jacob Williams interview with music by Dark Atmospheric Electronic Band Ships In The Night - Ep. 0032

      Comedian Jacob Williams talks about:
      - [3:33] when he knew he was funny
      - [5:29] what type of comedy performers he was first interested in
      - [9:18] if his parents think he's funny
      - [9:46] being a semifinalist on America's Got Talent
      - [11:21] how America's Got Talent changed his career
      - [13:32] advice for someone trying out on America's Got Talent
      - [15:43] how grateful he is for being asked to be on Wild 'n Out on MTV
      - [16:29] his Showtime special with Nick Cannon...


       2018-01-29  34m

      episode 220: Hypnotist Rory Z interview with music by Jazz/Folk/Americana Band Kristen Lynn & The Foxgloves - Ep. 0031

      Hypnotist Rory Z talks about:
      - [3:00] Reddit user's question "Who the hell is Rory Z?"
      - [4:39] when and why he got into hypnotism
      - [6:49] rapid induction and what the key to making it work is
      - [9:51] whether he can make you do whatever he wants
      - [13:56] not being able to hypnotize his cat but that you can hypnotize a chicken
      - [15:20] what havoc a terrible hypnotist could cause
      - [20:12] his YouTube video called The Magnetic Hands Hypnotic...


       2017-12-28  39m

      episode 206: Professional Wrestler Ivelisse Velez interview with music by Alternative Rock Band Gnarly Karma - Ep. 0030

      Professional Wrestler Ivelisse Velez talks about:
      - [2:47] when and how she got into wrestling in Puerto Rico
      - [4:23] her first match and what it was like getting into the ring
      - [5:27] whether or not winning matters in professional wrestling
      - [7:20] how she got on Lucha Underground
      - [11:51] the history of Lucha and how women and men wrestle each other
      - [12:47] being Trios Champion and hopes of being a solo champion
      - [13:52] whether she's still the...


       2017-12-11  35m

      episode 188: Stuntwoman Luci Romberg interview with music by Punk Rock Band Voice Of Addiction - Ep. 0029

      Stuntwoman Luci Romberg talks about:
      - [3:05] what activities she was in as a kid
      - [6:12] how she got into doing stunts
      - [9:10] why she's done so many stunts for Melissa McCarthy
      - [12:45] winning a Taurus World Stunt Award for Best Overall Stunt By a Stuntwoman
      - [14:11] her advice to those that may have an interest in performing stunts
      - [16:33] Freerunning and how it's different from Parkour
      - [19:07] being 11 time female world champion in the Red Bull...


       2017-11-20  42m

      episode 168: Voice-over Actor & Impressionist Darren Altman interview with music by Rock Artist Oliver Sean - Ep. 0028

      Voice-over Actor & Impressionist Darren Altman talks about:
      - [3:23] what it means when his curtains are closed in his professional home voice-over studio
      - [4:17] what came first, the impressions or the voice-over work
      - [5:43] first turning down Britain’s Got Talent
      - [6:34] how he eventually decided to do the show
      - [9:20] how it felt to get a positive response from Simon Cowell
      - [11:01] the pressure felt being a semi-finalist on the live show
      - [...


       2017-11-06  36m

      episode 144: Actor & Comedian Will Roberts interview with music by Indie Rock/Alternative Band Social Gravy - Ep. 0027

      Actor & Comedian Will Roberts talks about:
      - [3:20] why the affinity to westerns & everything cowboy
      - [7:58] details on how he became a Guinness World Record holder
      - [10:50] how he became a Cowboy Trick Roper for Cirque du Soleil
      - [19:14] also being a Magician and why it's good to have many skills
      - [20:24] his acting career and his upcoming Netflix movie O Matador (The Killer)
      - [21:56] how he's typecast into the role of guy who possesses, or uses,...


       2017-10-23  42m