Podcast Pontifications

Where plenty of podcasts about podcasting (PAPs) tell you what to do, Podcast Pontifications gives you what to think about in podcasting. These daily, insightful forward-looking episodes have one central tenet: Podcasting needs to be made better, not just easier. Designed for the working podcaster, these short-form episodes get you thinking about the future of podcasting and how you can better prepare yourself -- and your shows -- for the future. The goal is simple: help you develop critical thinking skills needed to make the best future-proofed podcast you can with the tools of today. Plus a few sneak previews of what might be coming tomorrow.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podsights - https://podsights.com/privacy


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episode 30: Podcast Discovery In 2026

The directories as we know them today simply don't scale.


 2018-08-28  9m

episode 29: You Say Podfading Like It's A Bad Thing

Not everything is meant to last forever, right?


 2018-08-27  9m

episode 28: Your Strategy Is Showing, Podcaster!

Should be subtle or overt in your messaging?


 2018-08-24  9m

episode 27: What Iron Man Can Teach Podcasters About The Future

How podcasting changes when we move from buttons to voice-activated controls.


 2018-08-22  9m

episode 26: Pitch or Launch It? How To Start A New Podcast

How much up front work should you do for your podcast?


 2018-08-21  9m

episode 25: The Bad News About Social Media Marketing & Podcasting

Social media is great. But it's not the answer to your podcast's problems.


 2018-08-20  9m

episode 24: Why RSS Feeds For Podcasts (Might) Need To Die

Why the common RSS implementation is limiting for podcasts.


 2018-08-16  9m

episode 23: Apple Put The Kibosh On Gray Hat Podcasting Practices

To a better, cleaner, and less-spammy Apple Podcasts experience!


 2018-08-15  9m

episode 22: What Jerry Seinfeld Can Teach Podcasters

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee might be the perfect podcast format.


 2018-08-14  8m

episode 21: Stop Podcasting Too Close To The Ball

Don't let your release schedule drive your production schedule!


 2018-08-13  9m