Podcast Pontifications

Where plenty of podcasts about podcasting (PAPs) tell you what to do, Podcast Pontifications gives you what to think about in podcasting. These daily, insightful forward-looking episodes have one central tenet: Podcasting needs to be made better, not just easier. Designed for the working podcaster, these short-form episodes get you thinking about the future of podcasting and how you can better prepare yourself -- and your shows -- for the future. The goal is simple: help you develop critical thinking skills needed to make the best future-proofed podcast you can with the tools of today. Plus a few sneak previews of what might be coming tomorrow.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podsights - https://podsights.com/privacy


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episode 1: The Future Of Podcasting Needs Your Help

I’ll kick off Season Four of Podcast Pontifications with an incendiary comment: All of us since-the-early-days podcasters who’ve done more in podcasting than simply produce a podcast have dropped the ball, letting Apple run roughshod over us. It’s had a chilling, homogenizing, and stifling influence on podcasting. And it only took a global pandemic and the re-emergence of https://en.wikipedia...


 2021-07-12  9m

episode 2: How To Add Legs To Your Content With Podcasting

https://variety.com/2021/film/box-office/marvel-black-widow-box-office-opening-weekend-1235016977/ (Black Widow killed it at the box office) and with streaming revenues last week. Even with hundreds (or more) of illicit copies o uploaded to various torrent servers within hours of the movie’s premiere. Last week, Macmillan Publishers repurposed their Stories from Among the Stars podcast feed and are now https://us.macmillan...


 2021-07-13  7m

episode 3: Podcasting. It's What's For Dinner

Where are the “Got Milk?” but for podcasting, https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/milk/images/6/62/Got_milk.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140808035644 (billboards)? Where are the “Beef. It's what's for dinner.” https://godsofadvertising.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/leftovers.jpg (print layouts), but for podcasting? Where's the podcasting equivalent of https://media1.tenor.com/images/bcc6e5014e4c3b65ea6a18d70b6f85df/tenor...


 2021-07-14  8m

episode 4: Refreshing Your Podcast For A New Season

If you’ve been listening to Podcast Pontifications for a while, you likely noticed some changes in this week’s episodes. One change is quite trivial, but others subtle (hopefully) but a bit more foundational. It’d be hard to miss the new theme music I chose for this new season. And again, you've been listening to my produced podcast episodes for a while; you know I’m wont to do this. In fact, this marks the fifth change to theme music since this podcast started...


 2021-07-15  9m

episode 5: The Best Way To Control Your Podcast's Quality

It’s not often that Dave Jackson, Ray Ortega, and myself find ourselves upstaged by a guest, but that’s just what happened on Podcasters' Roundtable when Mike Carruthers of the podcast Something You Should Know said that 20% of the interviews he conducts are never heard by his audience. Why? Because they aren’t good enough for Mike...


 2021-07-19  9m

episode 6: Will You Create or Steal Your Next Podcast's Listeners?

To a certain degree, all new podcasts steal at least some market share from other podcasts. Some 80 million Americans report listening to podcasts on a weekly basis. And it’s really hard to listen to two podcasts at the same time. But some are true pioneers. Seasoned podcasters scratching a creative itch by presenting something radically different to podcast listeners. During my tenure in podcasting, I’ve been among those people...


 2021-07-20  10m

episode 7: Can You Survive Podcasting's Chaotic Era?

Near-constant change has been pretty standard with podcasting. The fabric that underpins all of podcasting is quite flexible and resilient, allowing the podcasting community to live in a relatively stable period for the last two decades. And generally speaking, the few inflection points ushered in by large organizations over the last 16 years have tended to better podcasting overall. But all of that has changed in recent months...


 2021-07-21  10m

episode 8: Fighting Back At Podcasting's Disinformation Problem

Unscrupulous actors are quick to offer—for a nominal fee—promises of helping you cut in line or sure-fire ways to accelerate your podcasting efforts. And you probably find those offers enticing, especially when the prevailing wisdom all sounds like “put in your time and maybe you’ll make it in a few years”. No one wants to hear that. Especially when they also hear anecdotes of success shortcuts. Maybe The Olds just don’t know everything. And we don’t...


 2021-07-22  8m

episode 9: You Can't Master Podcasting With A Hack Mindset

Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to acquire the “what should I do” knowledge to get started in podcasting. And even keep going. Many multi-year podcasters are able to crank out episodes only knowing the what, not the why. But To be a professional podcaster, it's not enough to simply know proper microphone technique and how to export at -16 LUFS...


 2021-07-26  8m

episode 10: Using Music In Your Podcast: Fair Use Or Wise Choice?

I don’t need to disclaim my lack of a law degree when I state the fact that yes, it is legal to play copyrighted music on a podcast so long as the rights to the song have been cleared or the podcaster is following the fair use doctrine. It’s also a fact that podcasters can and do use copyrighted music in their podcasts every single day under the fair use doctrine. According to Professors of Law Patricia Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi, the fair use doctrine applies to commercial music in podcasts...


 2021-07-27  8m