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Talks from Revival Fellowship meetings sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ straight from the Word of God.


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episode 45: Watch With Me - Pr Lee Finney - 45

Watch with me by Pastor Lee Finney on the 9th August 2008 in UK Summer Camp, UK


 2018-10-31  34m

episode 43: Grace from God - Pr Lee Finney (2017)

Grace from God


 2018-10-30  50m

episode 44: Mercy & Judgement - Pr Scott Nobel - 44

Mercy & Judgement by Pastor Scott Nobel on the 8th April 2018 in Geelong, Australia


 2018-10-29  39m

episode 42: Characters Of The Bible - Pr Joe Abel - 42

Characters of the Bible by Pastor Joe Abel on the 6th July 2014 in Central Coast, Australia


 2018-10-28  35m

episode 41: The Pearl Of Great Price - Pr Graeme Hazledine - 41

The Pearl of Great Price by Pastor Graeme Hazledine on the 5th June 2007 in Adelaide, Australia


 2018-10-25  45m

episode 40: The Gospel: God's Rescue Plan - Pr Chad Haddad - 40

God's Rescue Plan by Pastor Chad Haddad on the 9th September 2018 in Adelaide, Australia


 2018-10-23  45m

episode 39: The Signs - Pr Paul Nobel - 39

The Signs by Pastor Paul Nobel on the 29th July 2018 in Adelaide, Australia


 2018-10-21  33m

episode 38: Jesus Saves - Pr Peter Moore - 38

Jesus Saves by Pastor Peter Moore on the 26th October 2014 in Central Coast, Australia


 2018-10-18  40m

episode 37: Choices - Pr Bob Beverly



 2018-10-16  34m

episode 37: Planning Our Walk In The Lord - Pr Jock Duncan - 37

Planning our walk in the Lord by Pastor Jock Duncan on the 20th November 1979 in Adelaide, Australia


 2018-10-16  55m