Podcast Sentai Power Rangers

Join Podcast Sentai Power Rangers as Naaim Siddiqi and Colton Clayton cover the Power Rangers Universe, from Mighty Morphin' to Samurai, from Jason to Jayden. Join us as we delve into the familiar world of the Power Rangers as well as the unfamiliar universe of the Japanese Super Sentai.


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[VIDEO] Sentai Rangers at C2E2 2016!

Damn Sentai Rangers! Back at it again with the C2E2 2016! That’s right, Naaim went to C2E2 2016 and talked to Karan Ashley. We found out why the former yellow ranger became an actress, how acting compares to radio, and … Continued


 2016-04-09  n/a

APRIL FOOL’S – D2: The Mighty Ducks

APRIL FOOL’S! D2: The Mighty Ducks is Joe’s third favorite hockey movie. In this episode, Joe and Naaim discuss the movie under the pretense of doing a hockey podcast–which might actually come to fruition? We’ll talk about it at th


 2016-04-01  n/a


Merry Christmas! In this, the second annual Real View Mirror Holiday Special, Joe and Naaim are forced by DiamondClub.tv producer Bryce Castillo to put on a Variety Show! Join them and a cast of characters as they scramble to put … Continued


 2015-12-25  n/a

Orange is the New Black Ranger

We live! In this thrilling installment of Podcast Sentai Power Ranger, we return from hiatus (just like MST3K!). Bailey joins us, and we talk about how television works. We also discuss the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, Netflix(!?) Rumors,


 2015-11-19  n/a

O baka-chan-tachi Means Fools

Colton went to a convention recently, so that means it’s time for an entirely unrelated episode! Anthony returns for the fourth episode in a row to talk about the new Sentai title as well as joining Colton in a discussion … Continued


 2014-11-27  n/a

Sentai Rangers Video?

What do you want to see from a Sentai Rangers Video Show?


 2014-09-22  n/a


Apparently we even do shows for conventions we weren’t even at. A new opening upsets Colton, Jose continues to be color-blind, and Anthony continues his streak co-hosting the show for the third time in a row. We also discuss Morphicon … Contin


 2014-09-10  n/a

Joe and Naaim Go To White Castle

SentaiRangers.com was at the premiere expo for mass media, and they brought back news to share with you! Join Joe as he talks about what he saw, and Naaim, Colton, and Anthony Vega as we all try to figure out … Continued


 2014-08-14  n/a

[VIDEO] Sentai Rangers at C2E2 2014!

SentaiRangers was at C2E2 last weekend! Join Naaim as he talks to Steve Cardenas, Paul Schrier, and Dr. Jason Narvy about their time on Power Rangers, what their characters are doing now, and how they sort their Excel sheets. Plus, … Continued


 2014-04-29  n/a

The Wrath of Con

Convention season is once again with us! This year, you can catch up with the SentaiRangers Crew (read as: Naaim or Joe) at three conventions! The very same ones we attended last year: WonderCon Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) San Diego R


 2014-04-24  n/a